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I'm going to say it outright. I love Marrakech! hell, if we ignore that awful two days we spent in Tangiers, I love Morocco! It's BRILLIANT!! :D

I won't go into detail with Tangiers. It's jsut not worth it. Marrakech is so much better!

The best thing about Marakech? the Kasbah. undoubtedly. It's HUGE! Like, you WILL get lost, and you I have a feeling that even if you spent a week there you wouldn't see everything that's there to be seen.. It's literally a village inside the greater city. There are delightfully dilapidated, ancient yet gloriously decorated homes and shop fronts.  There are carpets and perfumes and food markets! There are tanneries and 'factories' where there a HUGE piles of powdered dye where garments are being coloured!

There's slave market with the posts to which the slaves were once tethered and put on display for sale! And right around the corner from the slave market is the illegal-merchandise market! Where there's large game-animal skins - zebra, cheetah, gazelle.. there are baby mountain eagles in cages, elephant tusks and rhino horns.. hundreds of snakes are hung from teh front of one store by their tails forming a snake-curtain! It's horrifying, but my lord it's interesting.

And the food bazaar is incredible! It's basically like an open air cafeteria that opens up in teh evening with each stall sellling something different.. We had this really really really delicious chickpea soup followed by a few pastilla - chicken pastries coated in cinnamon sugar. *drools* And while youre eating there are snake charmers and fire eaters and dancers and ee! It's just so.. Arabian Nights!

We spent two full days in the Kasbah and I feel as if we've only just scratched the surface of it.

But yeah.. The only thing that kind of annoys me about being here is the leering I get from the men. It's atrocious! worse than it was in Turkey. I have a feeling it's because I don't wear a headscarf and I smile, look people in the eye and am generally more confident than the local girls are. But the wold whistles, and the marriage proposals and the completley innappropriate groping! I took to wearing a ring on my wedding-ring finger today and at I found that as soon as they saw it the guys backed off.. but there was still a lot of leering.

We went into the Altals mountain ranges the other day as well and visited a few Berber villages.. utterly awesome! exactly what I imagined Africa to be like, only without elephants and whatnot. The villages are so picturesque - mostly made of mud and straw brick, so a disater if it rains! We also got so see the "movie sets" of where Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra and Alexander were filmed. pretty damned awesome.


Am sitting in the bar downstairs in our hotel adn there's a very lovely looking young man singing and playing teh guitar on stage.. mmmhmm..

damn. this is not good. am seriously lusting here! ^^;;

anjok says:
Always wanted to go to Morocco. And now reading this... Next time I am in Spain, I have to find time and go there.
Posted on: Jul 27, 2007
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