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Yesterday was brilliant. In a nutshell...

-Louvre Museum. absolutely effing mindblowing!! Napoleon's apartments are stunning, as were the paintings by Ingres and Gericault.. and David's stuff. Wow. I was looking forward to seeing them, but I didn't expect to be blown away like that. The Coronation of Josephine was spectacular and I can kind of understand where my art teachers were coming from when they said that the photos just don't do it justice. the Death of Marat was amazing too.. it made my giblets tingle! The Mona Lisa and Cupid & Psyche were a tad dissappointing though.. and Venus with no arms. I dono.. I kind of expected more considering they're so well known. i guess that's celebrity for you though!

- Notre Dame Cathedral - gorgeous blue stained glass and v. peaceful feeling. I've decided that I really do like that whole Ile de la Cite area, and I have every intention on going down to the Archaeological museum//crypt that's on that plaza soon. May have been on the lookout for a Hunchbacked man though.. ^^;; BLAST YOU VICTOR HUGO!

- Shopping @ Opera. OMFG! Printemps and Galleries Lafayette - love. Bought soooo much stuff for next to nothing as it's Paris sale time. so. much. love.


Today we went to Versailles with Judy and Philippe.

In one word, it was phenomenal! The architecture is superb and.. just wow really..

Visited the smaller chambers, hall of mirrors and the King's and Dauphin's apartments followed by a brief (it was bloody cold) walk around the gardens. It's pretty mindblowing to thinkof how much history has happened in that place.. I could almost see Marie Antoinette walking around in all her pretty clothes and looking very out of place as the only Austrian in a French court..

we went to lunch at this place nearby.. a place called Pauls which has the best hot chocolate I have ever had. It's like melted chocolate in a cup! omg*drool*


Then to this shopping centre//factory outlet place for couture-brands.. YSL, Issey Miyake, Chanel, JPG, Kenzo etc.. It was rather nice as it was desgned like a Provencial Frnech village.. Found myself a big warm woolen coat for 27 Euro which was pretty amazing according to Judy as it's some french brand I have never heard of but apparently is rather good.

I also nearly bought a little black dress from H&M.. designed by Karl Lagerfeld and just stunning.. and for 80 Euros. They only had some of the larger sizes left however, and they just hung off me, so I'll have to check when we go to Champs Elysees tomorrow.

After that, back to Judy and Philippe's place and met up with Stephane.. good to catch up with him. He's working at Euro Disney now and apparently hates his JPG-designed uniform! I told him to stop complaining as it's JPG.

so yeah.. enough for now. :)

megalomanic says:
neverrr!! (obviously, I just suck at French. Le Poissoin oui oui!)
Posted on: Jan 11, 2010
jefrois says:
je suis un baguette??? 'I am a baguette'? I think you've had a bit too much hot chocolate ;)
Posted on: Jan 09, 2010
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