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I'm tired, so I'm dotpointing.

  • Sagrada Familia  - Church of teh Sacred Family. Designed by Gaudi, not finished yet, but fabulous nonetheless! so many pretty colorus and the architecture is just.. magical!
  • Park Guell - also designed by Gaudi.. v. pretty and naturalism. lol. Gaudi used natural designs - studying plant/animal formations and designing buildings in their form.. quite art noveau..
  • Christopher Columbus monument. Good Views of the harbour from the top.
  • Port Vell // La Rambla del Mer - A port like Hillarys//Mandurah. Has a Casino thing for tourists. Blah.
  • Visigothic excavations in Barri Gotic Area - v. interesting - 'industrial area', laundry, dyers, fish salting//processing, wine making and 'church' excavated. So very very cool.
  • cruise of Barcelona harbour.
  • Museo Picasso.. mostly his early works and a few things from before he died.. very little of his cubist//eroticist stuff which is what I was gunning for.. like Demoiselles de Avignon. But still excellent.. he really seemed to have a wickedly vulgar sense of humor..
  • bought glorious Extart é Panno boots! They are hot pink and sexy! ^_^
  • Casa Battlo - Another Gaudi building - OMG!FANTASTIC! The best Gaudi we've seen so far!
  • Pre-Columbian South American 'art'. As interpreted by some crackpot American. They're lucky it's only a temporary exhibit.. it was really crap. Amusing (slightly) but crap.
  • Museo l'Erotica. So very cool. Though a tad embarrassing as I was with the parentals.. lucky we didn't wander through the museum together, as most of the stuff is rather risque.. and quite frankly I don't like the idea of having my parents around if I'm listening to phone sex in different languages or watching 1920's overweight Spanish lesbian porn, or viewing the very old "Pleasure Machine", which looked more painful than pleasureable with not one but THREE knobs of various size attached with working mechanisms to a wooden chair that has straps to hold the pleasuree's arms and legs down. oi.
  • shopping. yay!


Also: My main thought of the day: I wonder if Gibraltar ever gets suicidal monkeys who throw themselves off the rock?  

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photo by: fivepointpalm