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HAllooo... :D

Currently in Suzhou. Pretty city. About 6 million ppl. Apparently has the prettiest girls in all of China, but James and I have only seen old women and not-so-pretty girls.. so that doesn't really bode well for the rest of the country.. :P But a rather lovely city nonetheless.. :) It's all lit up and decorated in an oriental//dynastic style. Full to the brim with gardens.

The most irritating thing about this tour is that every city brings us to either a silk//pearl//jade factory, all boasting to have the very best in China.. so much so that it kind of devalues the items as they're in such abundance and for the most part completely ugly or totally overpriced that it gets repetitive and frustratingly dull. :/ WE've gotten some nice stuff though. I cant remember from where I last wrote, but I did get a pretty cheongsam-style jacket in Chengdu.

ooh.. wait. I last wrote from Xi'An. Which was brilliant!! Warriors and all.. had the most amazing dumpling banquet there too. hehe. yeah.. we're all getting veeeery fat. :P

Then on to Chengdu.. I got to hug//pat a panda!! ^_________^ EEEE!!! They were all sooooo cute! And ther was a little Baby panda which was rolling around in his room and ^____________________^ I want to take him home with me. hehehe.

Then to Kunming, where we became friends with our guide, Kate, who is this adorable 19 year old and she was so sweety and we all went out for Aussie day drinks and we taught her to say "Noice" and "that's unyousual" (though she had a bit of trouble with the latter.. hehe) ^_^ Stone forest.

After Kunming was Guilin, then to Hangzhou, and then to Suzhou (where we are now) and tomorrow we're off to Shanghai for 6 days (YAYness!!).
Actually, we spent Chinese new year in Guiling and it totally went off!! Their fireworks hung shit on the ones we get back at home!! because anyone can buy them here, we went to the park across the road from our hotel and everyone was letting off their fireworks in the square so the sky was bright with colour and the bangs left our ears ringing. It was the most spectacular thing ever. :D

China is also possibly the craziest country I've been to. It's sooo full of pointless shit and because the population is so large they have to come up with some pretty bizarre occupations for people. We've seen teams of people mopping the pavement, putting fifty staff members into a small store, hackup singers in clubs with no lead singer but singing to a pre recorded song and having lift operators for instance. and the Chinglish is pretty funny. There have been these crazy bathtub liners for sale in the hotel rooms that are apparently used for everything from curing epilepsy to preventing "middle aged woman's flabby vagina" XDDD (we stole the card).

Alcohol is dirt cheap. They have this really noxious rice liquor that is sold in supermarkets in 5 litre plastic drums for about Au$2-3. The liquor here is pretty potent. plum, ginseng and snake are enough to make your brain bleed for days methinks. We bought some in Xi'An and, after taking one sip of the stuff each, ended up leaving the entire bottle behind as there was absolutely nothing we could think of that it could be mixed with that would possibly make it any less toxic.

Chinese kids are adorable. Chinese men less so. Although, I've never been a huge fan of Asian boys (with the exception of Duncan Chao). I've always believed it to be because of my longstanding revultion with a cousin of mine, (who is one of the biggest toissers I have ever known), which has put me off most Asian boys. :/ pity really. Not much eye candy for Meg. :( Although, have had a marriage proposal in Guilin, which I think James will never let me live down.
. :/

oh deary.

In any case, It's James's turn in the net, and at Au$4 per hour it's possibly one of the the more pricey things we're paying for around here.. :P

So, am off!!

Miss you all, Happy Chinese new year!
megalomanic says:
haha. thanks. I'm pretty vocal about what I do and don't like, so have no problems blasting stuff over the internet if needed.. :P I think my problem is that I always go omewhere with the highest expectations, and so I get dissappointed quite frequently.
Posted on: Aug 29, 2007
anjok says:
I just love your blogs.

and I always feel like I can't write bad things about some place i travelled to. like i can't say i hated this or that...
Posted on: Aug 29, 2007
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