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1. Dissappointingly few good looking male specimens. Definately NOT one of the best places in the world in terms of eye candy. Feeling slightly gypped. But then, unless we're talking Duncan Chao, Asian boys don't do much for me.. :/ Maybe it's this whole I'm related to some of the most fucktardy Asian boys on the planet that does this. Maybe because it seems incestuous to me or something considering there's about fifty gajillion 'Lee's in China.. I dono.

2. China seems to be a place that is both completely engrossed and obsessed in their culture, but at the same time, having no modern culture that could be labelled as unique. It's so contrived and borrowed and bastardised and fake all at the same time that it's quite a little paradox of its own.

3. She-mullets. EVERYWHERE.

4. For a country that has such an apparent reputation for style, I'm seing very little of it. The clothes here are either tacky (skanky), granny, or downright ugly. The only good stuff I'm seeing is international brand - ie. Dior, D&G, MNG, stuff in Printemps and Isetan, rah rah rah..

5. She-Mullets, They are my main source of amusement.

6. I have more, which I'll elaborate on later, but it's past 12 and James is tired and headachy and whining like the little princess that he is. :P
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The Bund
The Bund
photo by: spocklogic