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Am thoroughly dissappointed with Guangzhou.

My first impression of GZ was that it is very much like Singapore, only more polluted and with more demented traffic. I've feared for my life in the back of a taxi before, but it gets ridiculous here. Here is the only place in the world where I have so far managed to become physically sick from the driving. And I thought I was bad.. :/

The city itself has no character, no unique beauty and really nothing of interest to visit which would justify anyone wanting to come here for sightseeing. The most interesting thing we've seen here is illegal. This was at the Peaceful market where hidden amongst the fifty bajillion stores selling mushrooms, you'll see glimpses of the poaching trade, where people hawk tiger paws, panda skins and butcher monkeys in front of you to be cooked up with noodles. Completely brutal.. but we did see a guy get carted off the street by a troupe of policemen yesterday which was entertaining to say the least. The temples are of little interest once you've seen others around China, and apart from shopping, there is sweet fuck all to do here.

As much as I love shopping, it's totally different when the only thing to do in a city is shop and the stuff to buy is for the most part a heap of ugly shit. It's ridiculously ugly. Which explains the way the people dress here. To get anything truly nice you've got to go to an international brand name, which you generally need to take out a mortgage on your house to be able to buy anything from. That accounts for about 2% of stuff to buy. Another 1% goes to stuff that is genuinely cheap and actually looks decent. the reminaing 97% is cheap and either ugly or tacky.

So, as a result I have spent the first day going "OMG shopping", the second going "myehh it's all the saaaaameee!!!" and the remaining two days going "ARGH! Everything is so horrible! I'm bored and I wanna go home already!!".

Spending 4 days in Guangzhou has certainly been an anticlimax to a fabulous trip to China. Two of the days we've spent here have been a complete waste of time, and we'd have been better off spending that time in Shanghai which is truly one of the beautiful cities of the world. Right up there with Paris (Though, I don't think anything could top my lust for Paris.. hehehe).

Admittedly I have bought a fair bit here for very cheap, but then I have has like 36 hours of shopping and having to sort through the junk. :/ And dad bought a portable DVD player for something like Au$200 which is pretty nifty and I got season 2 of Desperate Housewives so all good on that front.

We leave this afternoon. I tried to walk through the shops a bit more, but I'm just bored with them now. SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME GZ?! YOU'VE MADE ME SICK OF SHOPPING!! *shakes fist at it* I spent 2 hours in Starbucks listening to HP on my iPod (even though When I had starbucks in Shanghai I couldn't eat anything else for days cos it made me sooooo sick), and am now trying to kill time in a net cafe! Fuuuck. Am so bored. :[ GAH! Am ready to beat my head against a brick wall. Am reallly really not liking this city at all.

Thank god uni starts tomorrow. Yay for another excavation!! :D
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photo by: westwind57