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okay, so singapore was pretty neat. I'm very poor at the moment (I may have gone overboard with my shoes.. most people go to s'pore for cheap arse shoes.. and I have to go and spend nearly $200 on a pair. I am so weak.. BUT THEY'RE SO PRETTY! )

but yes. The dig went pretty good. Absolutely no archaeological technique whatsoever.. were I more savage, I'd be foaming at the mouth about it. They call themselves archaeologists.. HAH!! I would rant more, but I already email ranted at a lot ofpeople and I'm too sleepy now to rant anyhow. But it was quie indiana jonesy.. in a perverse, completely unskilled and site-wrecking kind of way.. we were given machetes to destroy large sections of jungle (and stab nearby cobras and pythons) and opened up an abandoned tunnel around the old reservoirs.. so was cool in that regard.  my legs are still lacerated to shit though. 

I have photos, but I'm lazy atm. 

Ministry of Sound is wicked. It has a studio 54 room which plays 70's and 80's disco hits. I'm in love with it. :D Zouk is also cool (though to a lesser extent than MoS), and has more -flirty- tourists for some bizarre reason. Clare and I were asked out to supper several times by a group of British guys, some Indian boys and a guy from Amsterdam whilst there on friday night (I believe to the annoyance of the surrounding singaporean girls who were there looking for a bit of botty but for the most part personified the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb". Harsh, I know, but nobody should be allowed to get away with white 3/4 lacy spandex tights, white cargo lacy capri pants and a white skintight lacy lycra cami.. expecially if you're about 40. I don't care how skinny you are. it's just wrong). Serious. I must have been the youngest person in MoS last week.. the WHOLE line (there was about 70 odd people in that line too.. ) and I was the ONLY person who got stopped for ID. Bear in mind that chinese people often (read: okay, pretty much always) look younger than they actually are as well.. So i guess it was a nice change to go out and not have drunken 17 year olds stumbling all over the place and dropping their drinks over my pretty new shoes. The club vibe is completely different too.. more conservative I guess, but it's nicely decorated and hardly anyone is drinking bourbon and there's no broken glass on the floor. On the other hand, the bathroom are staffed by crazy amahs who shriek at anyone who dares to throw up or flick water off their hands onto the floor. The one at MoS is particularly scary.. she chased a group of girls out with a mop. 

crazy times. 
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photo by: easyjobrob