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Yesterday we awoke earlyish so we could get to the Khmer cooking class on time.. the class was great! Damien and Tina were there and we met two relaly lovely Danish "kids" (about our age) named Reige and Tobias.. Leaned how make Chicken Amok, Basil stir fry and sour chicken soup.. SOOOOO good! Also got  cookbook to take home, so watch out people! :P I WILL probably attempt to cook for you, although how successful I will be is variable. hehe!

They took us to the markets to buy the ingredients fresh.. The Catfish were so fresh they were jumping out of htie buckets and attempting to slog their way to freedon!

In the arvo Whit and James wanted to bum around at the hotel for a bit, so I took the opportunity to try and wash some more of the dirt and dust that had gotten into my hair from the ute ride (It took three washes! O__O) and then went to the markets again on my own. Not all that different, although they had rolled out all the Lunar New Year decorations which were pretty cool.

this morning we caught a couple of buses (transiting in PP) to Sihanoukville.. we arrived ehre at about 5.30pm, and the ripping off began! haha!

well.. I say "ripping off".. it's jsut a little more tourist-oriented here than elsewhere, and there are fewer tuktuks so they carge much much more for the rides. We're staying at the Occheuteal Beachside bungalows, and for $20/hut per night with linen, bathroom with hot water, TV, fridge, aircon et al it's a freaking good deal. An literally a 200m walk to the water's edge. The bungalows are awesome.. they're kind of reto Asian.. I don't know if that makes sense or not, but my dad is always telling me stories about his travels Thailand during the 70s, and teh huts look exactly as he describes them!

We went to teh Snake Pit resteraunt for dinner.. a Russian place with lots and lots of animals. There were snakes in teh table we were sitting at, Alligators lying in a pond next to our table with no barrier aside from some very limp looking bush and a small wall and FUZZIES! They were so cute! ^__^

Okay, so the Snake Pit was slightly less impressive than I imagined it to be, but it was still qute awesome.. There was a massive python sleeping and a live chicken sitting on one of the branches in one of the enclosures.. poor chicken. Today, innocently sitting next to its new friend.. tomorrow.. dinner.

Tomorrow, I intend to lie on the beach and read my book.

Tally Ho!

droonsta says:
i miss cambodia... sigh
Posted on: Jul 28, 2007
gavin10879 says:
Loved Sihanoukville! I remeber the little kids on the beach trying to sell you bracelets, bookmarks & sarongs! I had a pedicure, my neck waxed and numerous massages, brilliant! Never got to go to the Snake Pit, shame!
Posted on: Jul 28, 2007
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