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We got to Siem Reap yesterday after a very comfortable 6 hour bus journey, and arrived amidst a throng of Tuk-tuk drivers all fighting to take us into town from the bus port.

It was MADNESS! quite literally. We had just gotten all out luggage, and the tuk-tuk drivers were attempting to wrestle tem out of our hands onto their tuktuks whilst trying to prevent us from going to any other tuktuk driver. At one point (we had been off the bus for approximately 2.5 minutes) there was a swarm of them (say, about 30?) all shouting at us so loudly to go with them that individual words became indistinguishable and my ears arted ringing.



The trip into town was great though.. we finally managed to beat back all but two and piled all our cases in.. it was dusty and potholed and we had a young guy who was tuktukking for his very first day, so took particular delight in steering his vehicle into all the biggest holes. So. much. entertainment. :D

Dinner was a coconutty affair, or at least for me it was.. I had Chicken Amok (which is made with coconut milk), served in a coconut, with a fresh coconut to drink and coconut sorbet for desert. I do so love coconuts! ^_^ There may be photographic evidence of my coconut gluttony where at one point I am surrounded by no less than five individual coconuts and looking slighly deranged (me, not the coconuts).

This morning we went to see the floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake, which was pretty darn cool.. Small motor boat onto the lake to see buildings floating on crates! Hospitals, schools, newsagencies, shops, resterautns.. even a floating basketball court!

When we arrived at the village, families would paddle up to us in their own little boats trying to sell fruit and trinkets and children paddled around sitting in laundry tubs. So awesome!

Then, back to SR and explored the streets a bit, as well as spending a heap of time in teh old and central markets, which was really interesting. I bought a Krama (a traditional Khmer scarf of sorts.. it's just a piece of cloth that they use for everything from sun protection to a towel) to keep my shoulders covered and to stop the backpack whit and I were sharing from getting all gross on our backs.. oh! and some REALLY cheap jewellery. Because there are a whole heap of gem mines in the area, pink rubies, sapphires and emeralds are extraordinarily cheap here.. So I may have gone a little overboard, though, not as much as mum who came back to the hotel looking like she had just robbed the Tower of London and nicked off with the Kohinoor.

A quick swim in teh afternoon before dinner at the Dead Fish tower (which, incidentally, is the best place to eat in SR!). Great atmosphere, fantastic food, cocktail buckets for $5. You really can't go wrong! I'm really liking Khmer food.. I find it's a lot more delicately flavoured than Thai.. They seem to use a lot of ginger, so I'm in seventh heaven over here! I ordered a ginger chicken dish adn there was equal parts ginger to chicken in this really really lightly spiced sauce.. Eat with rice and a fresh coconut. *drools* I'm getting hungry just writing about it!

Tomorrow we're doing Angkor. I can't wait. It's something I've wanted to see and do for such a huge part of my life, so I feel as if I'm about to accomplish something big. I really really hope I haven't set my expectations toohigh, is all..


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