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As compiled by Whitney during the trip..


  • Meg’s flatulent ducks in Seam Reap.
    “Isn’t it a bad idea to feed ducks bread? Don’t they get, like, flatulent or something? HAHA! Can you just imagine it!!? These flatulent ducks zooming across their pond by the sheer force of the wind being expelled from their behinds!? Like an external motor.. ZOOOOOOOM!”

  • James, Siem Reap, about 5am:
    *muttering to himself* “We’re going to see a lot of Battam Bangers.. hehehehe!!”

  • James, Battambang, on Pidgin English speakers:
    “…the Pinglish people…”

  • At the Snake House in Sihanoukville:
    James: Come here Meg.. I’m going to destroy your innocence with this martini..
    Meg: OMG GUYS! The fuzzies said hello to me in fuzzy language! :D
    (note: the ‘Fuzzies’ were prosimians of some description. The were cute and fuzzy.. :D)

  • About 2 minutes after the previous quote:
    Meg: “It has an aftertaste of gasoline, but the initial is good..” (Of said martini)

  • Meg: I named him (The fuzzy) Marlon.
    Whit: err.. okayyyy… why?
    Meg: oh, y’know.. he had eyes that screamed ‘STELLA!’

  • In Sihanoukville:
    Whit.. hey, you know when we were coming back from the Smokin’ Pot…?
    James: EXCUSE ME!!? We did not smoke pot!!

  • In Sihanoukville:
    Meg: What’m I gonna have for breakfast??
    James: your face!
    Meg: GOULASH!

  • In Sihanoukville:
    Whit: James in a bikini!!
    James: Why am I in a bikini?
    Meg: *nonchalantly* You have the hips for it..

  • In Sihanoukville, in bed at around 2am.
    Meg: Josh had a detachable penis?
    Whit: Yes.
    Meg: wow.. that must come in handy..
    Whit: hehe… handy…
    Meg and Whit: BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! (etc for about 20 minutes)

  • In Sihanoukville on Occheuteal Beach.
    Meg: Could I please have some bananas?
    Sara Fruit Salad: OOOOHOOO!! *giggles girlishly*

  • In Saigon, after discussing careers and the possibility of getting tax deductible travel as ‘research’ if one was to become a travel writer:

  • Of Saigon after Tet on a Sunday:
    Whit: It’s so dead to what I thought it would be..
    Meg: yeah.. It’s like the whole town is hitting the snooze button on the alarm.. NOOO! Just one more day!!
    Whit: The whole town has a snooze button??
    Meg: NER!
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