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I currently resemble a brunette Donatella Versache, I am stuffed full of Chicken Amok curry and the most amazing bananas and pineapples I've ever tasted, and my arm hair has been bleached by the sun and looks -really- strange as my tan is so dark. 

We are currently in Sihanoukville, the Costa del Sol of Asia. It is fuckloads better than Phuket and Bali (seriously, this place just poops all over them). It is such a stunning area.. the beaches are soft and clean, the water is clean, clear and a bright turquoise, the sunbeds are close enough to the water so you can roll straight off them and be wet, you can have cocktails, food and a massage whilst lying on a sunbed, the place isn't packed full of noisy, inconsiderate tourists (indeed, it's not really packed at all.. it does, however, have mostly good-looking Aussies, Italians and Spaniards here). The food leaves us all in ecstasy, and we've been having "Screaming Orgasms" on the beach! hehe. (For those not in the know, it's a really really really good cocktail).

so yes. Today we went on a snorkelling tour of the surrounding islands.. so fabulous! lolling of the side of a boat was never so enjoyable. hehe. sice being here, we've also visited a place called the Snake House, which is a resteraunt with snakes and other reptile//smphibious type creatures.. there are snakes in the tables so you can look down at them whilst eating, and a crocodile on a leash about 2 metres from one of the tables. really awesome. The food was mostly Russian, and the goulash was divine! :D other than that.. weve mostly just bummed on the beach which has been a nice change of pace. 

before that, we were in Battambang, Cambodia's second largest city with about 120,000 people. ^_~ it's certainly not tourist orientated at all unlike everywhere else we've been, so by 6pm the city was pitch black (there were no bulbs in the street lamps) and the town's one bar was closed on the days we were there. We did however take this really great Khmer cooking course which took up the better part of a day.. Whilst it was a highly enjoyable thing to do, unfortunately I can now no longer claim that I can't cook. *sigh* It was fun while it lasted (although, I should point out that my Amok was much more curdled than everyone elses seemed to be and my Beef Basil stir fry was so exceptionally hot that I had difficulty eating it). heh. 

Also, a few last things to note.. we have seen a lady boy in Phnom Penh during our transit to Sihanoukville which I think baffled Whit and James, and we have had a rather entertaining encounter with a very very flamboyantly homosexual fruit vendor who accurately named himself "Sarah Fruit Salad" (he sold fruit salads) and squealed naughtily when I asked him if I could have some bananas (Jade: think the crazy one from Formula 17.. the one who had the American boyfriend.. hehe). Sarah is a darling. He kept playing with my hair and telling Whit and I that we were very beautiful and that when we see him tomorrow he'll have made us some bracelets to take him to remember him by.. :) 

Also, the number of very obvious prostitutes is astounding. everywhere you turn is this late-middle aged (think 50s-60s), pot bellied balding western man with a teenaged (or youngish) good looking female on his arm who under normal circumstances wouldn't really go for late-middle aged, pot bellied, balding western men. some of these girls can't be much older than about 15 or 16.. some are a bit older, whilst few are considerably older, less attractive and I'm assuming, much cheaper. Disturbing, but interesting nonetheless. 

anyhow.. I'm off. A Screaming Orgasm awaits me.. ^_~


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