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Yesterday was great.. we started late at around 12pm (thanks little bar from the night before!!) and took a car out to a few sites that were further out from the main temples.

It was a very long drive on a very bad road!! so glad we didn't take the tuktuks! We first went to Kbal Spean, which was about 90 minutes out of SR and another 1.5km uphill walk through the jungle. The site was a series of carved rock riverbeds and a waterfall dating to sometime in the 9th-10th centuries.. Absolutely stunning, and so worth the arduous walk! The jungle is so beautiful and peaceful, and the site is just remarkable. It's just these stone carvings in teh middle of nowhere.. no nearby buildings, nothing!

we then drove to Banteay Srei (c.967) which was a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva and said to have been built by a woman as the carvings are too elaborate and dainty to have been the work of a man's hand. ^_~ It was not commissioned by a king as the other were, but by a Bhraman who was the King's tutor, and my word the carvings were beautiful!

Then onto Pre Rup, a Hindu site meaning "Turning the Corpse" (A cremation Rite), thus thoguht to have been a crematorium. We went to see the sun setting into the horizon, but were instead treated to seeing the sun setting into a cloud of pollution some distance above the actual horizon! Oh well.. easy come easy go!

Then dinner and drinks again. Always excellent.

Today, James was feeling very unwell due to his diabetes and decided to stay behind to rest, and mum and dad left us to continue their travels elsewhere.. So Whit and I went to Angkor by ourselves. We started at Preah Khan (c.1191), a lovely temple by Jayavarman VII for his father, which started out Bhuddist, but was 'modified' by Jayavarman VIII into a Hindu temple instead (By scratching out the Buddha figures, and replacing them with Hindu figures and apsara dancing girls instead). It was beautiful and we got some great pics of Whit as Buddha! hehe! We may also have found out a few dirty little secrets about some of the meanings of the carvings! In particular the carved water sources, which supposedly represent Fertility by designing the water to 'spout' from the Linga(Penis)-shaped 'funnel' (I can't think of the correct term) into a bowl (representing girl-bits). We went "oooherr!". Because we're puerile like that. :P

ahh.. I can't be bothered typing anymore.. hehe! uhm.. Preah Neak Pean next, also late 12C. A cruciform shaped series of ponds with an island in the middle of the centre pond. Then to Ta Som, which after the others was pretty unremarkable.. Back to SR, went for a swim... oohooh!

We picked James up from the hotel (as he was feeling much better) and went to the Seeing Hands Massage place down the road from us. SO AMAZING. The're all blind masseurs trained in Shiatsu massage, and for $4 an hour it was bliss. There was a slight mishap with my masseur who didn't realise I was female (You undress and put on these really loose robes that open up at the back, and I was told by one of the women to de-bra as well, which makes sense..) However, I think they give the female clients female masseurs and men for the men, which again makes sense. For some reason I got given the really really massive Khmer guy and the poor thing panicked when he realised that I wasn't a guy. He ended up going ahead with the massage anyway (It helps that I have very little boobage so I may as well have been a guy), and damn! I like hard massages, but I had to get him to lighten up occasionally. James finished his massage before me, and apparently I looked like Bernard Black from Black Books after requesting and being granted a pickle with his sandwich when I looked up after it! hehe! Soooooo amazing!

Anyhow.. we're off to the Dead Fish again. I think I'll get a tee. Cos' Dead fish tell no tales...

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