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A desk job for now
Well, that's me in the picture sitting at work, pretty much as I am right now. I am a coordinator of international programs at Oklahoma State University. My job is alright, and I definitely enjoy the people I work with, but...Now that I am about 8 months out of college, I am definitely past the graduate student burn-out phase, and I've been wanting to return to school again. The "grown-up world" is really not all that it is cracked up to be in my opinion.

While most of my friends were vacationing over spring break, I was stuck at work with no vacation days to spare and about 110 hours of sick leave accumulated. How is it that every year I get sick at the absolute most inconvenient point in the semester. But, now that I have hundreds of hours of sick leave to spare, I can't catch one single epidemic that has passed through this town? My roomate is sick for the second time right now, and I couldn't get a sore throat if I swallowed shards of glass.
Fun with international students and JELLO!
I need a vacation!!

But all is not lost...I applied to a graduate program in Berlin, Germany. Many of you know this as one of my absolute favorite places in the entire world. And those of you who know me well are aware that I have been missing Berlin ever since I left the city in August of 2003. Get me on the conversation of the Berlin Wall, shopping in Turkish markets, German bread or the Love Parade and you might not ever shut me up. Well, I received fantastic news last Friday that I have been accepted to the Urban Management Studies Program at the Technische Universitaet- Berlin. Yes, I want to design cities for a living. Basically, what this means is that I would work with architects, engineers, municipal government, non-profits to create more livable cities around the world. This means cleaner air, better transportation, educational systems and public spaces in the most populated places in the world. The best thing about this program is its international angle on urban management. I can't wait!!!
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A desk job for now
A desk job for now
Fun with international students an…
Fun with international students a…
Person I will miss most when I move
Person I will miss most when I move
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