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Another, privately owned, little eco-lodge, about 10km out of San Ignacio.  An interesting place where you can clock up beers and meals etc on an ´honour system´.

Went tubing down the local river and over a few minor, but fun rapids. About 3 hours of fun and relaxation.

Just outside of San Ignacio is one of the most amazing Mayan Éxperiences¨I think you can do.  If you ever come here, spend the $75US and visit the ATM Caves (sorry, ATM stands for something, but I cant remember what exactly.......Aktung someting Muknal). 

Start off the cave tour by jumping into the icy water flowing from the mouth of the cave, some minor scrabling, then head torches on and follow the river through the cave, often chest deep, until you reach some 1000 year old Mayan ritual sites.  You see limestone encrusted pots left over from rituals of offerings to the gods, and, get this, you are actually walking right past these museum pieces, right where the Mayans left them all that time ago.  The highlight is, strangely enough, an actual skeleton, (2 actually) and a number of skulls in different locations, probably left after a Human Sacrifice to the Gods. 

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San Ignacio
photo by: Biedjee