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After driving by many times on the way to and from Gdansk, I've got the chance to visit the town of Malbork which was founded by the knights of the Order of the Teutonic Hospitalier Brothers of the Holy Virgin in Jerusalem (the official name of the Teutonic Knights), who in the 13th century began constructing a massive fortress on the right bank of the Nogat river.  (According to our tour guide, they still exist, are decidedly less fearsome, and have their headquarters in Vienna).

This is the most massive, impressive Gothis Castle I have ever seen.  It is made of bricks rather than stone, which was innovative for the time it was build.  It successfully withheld the siege after the Battle of Grunwald but eventually was sold during the Thirteen Years' War in 1457 to Casimir IV (Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk) the king of Poland by the Bohemian king's imperial soldiers in lieu of their pay.

Teutonic Knights.

Since then Malbork continued to be one of the Polish royal residences until the partitions of Poland in 1772.

In 1945 the castle was severely damaged as a result of fights during World War II and was later reconstructed.

Today the castle of Malbork is an unparalleled tourist attraction in this part of Poland. Its immense value was acknowledged in 1997, when this gigantic construction was inscribed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The visit cost about 35 PLN - you need to pay an additional 15 PLN if you want to take pictures and they are very intent on enforcing this.  Take a picture while inside the castle and you will have a guard promptly at your side wanting to see the little sticker that says "photo video" on it.  Outdoors they weren't enforcing this.  Parking is an additional 15 PLN per vehicle. 

This place is definitely worth a visit. It's a spectacular, beautiful castle and the visit is very informative. Tours are available in a number of languages.

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Teutonic Knights.
Teutonic Knights.
Amber statue of Hermes on display …
Amber statue of Hermes on display…
photo by: boxinbcn