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This swan was not happy to see us here. Followed us all around the pond, then tried to dive bomb us!

Somehow I didn’t wake up until after 8.  I got ready and went downstairs and had some coffee.  It was made “Turkish style” with a couple spoonfuls of coffee grounds in the cup and boiling water poured over it. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all; you just don’t want to drink the dregs at the bottom.  Easter Breakfast is a special meal, so there was a lot of different food to try. Again, nothing from a supermarket - everything was home grown, raised or fished!  For breakfast there was more smoked fish, pickled fish, boiled eggs, boiled white sausage with horseradish and mustard, pickled herring with pickled mushrooms... that was Easter breakfast! It was all good • strong flavors for the first thing in the morning, but after coffee it was great. 


After breakfast we went walking around Źuławki.

Interior of the curch in Zulawki
  First we walked along farmland, past some homes that have built on pieces of land that were sold off in the past and towards the main street through the town where the church, a cemetery, a couple shops and some homes are located.  Actually, more than a town it's just a group of houses - more like a wide spot in the road.   The most striking things I saw there are some fantastic houses built by Mennonites in the early 1800s.  They’re made of brick and wood and for the most part look just as solid today as they probably did 100 years ago. 


The church, cemetery and a large pond with ducks and a pair of swans are also nice. When we decided to walk around the pond, one of the swans got extremely irritated at us. We must have been close to where their nest is and he followed us around, looking at us suspiciously and finally started to fly towards us, making a lot of noise. It was a little unnerving and felt like being run down by an airplane. He splashed down into the water at the edge of the lake, but continued honking at us.  The swan got his way - we moved along. 

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This swan was not happy to see us …
This swan was not happy to see us…
Interior of the curch in Zulawki
Interior of the curch in Zulawki
photo by: boxinbcn