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Somehow now I'm always the first one awake in the morning. It seems like I don't need as much sleep as I used to.  So, I lay here listening to the sounds as this place and these people wake up.  It's Easter Sunday.  It's strange not to be waking up at home with my family.  I think this is the first time I haven¡t been with my family on Easter.  The bells at a nearby church start ringing loudly at 7 a.m. and again at 8.  I'm laying here, looking at the cabinet doors in my room in this guest house and notice that all of the doors are tied shut with bits of string...  hmmm....  I guess it's one way to keep honest guests honest, but it looks pretty funny.  Some of the doors aren't hung correctly and are crooked.  It's strange to be laying there in bed listening to the sounds of some family I don't know get up and start their routine on Easter Sunday.

Around 8:30 someone gets up and takes the dog out.  I think that the last time I traveled with a dog was with my parents, brother and sister to San Francisco.  My Aunt Marge wouldn't let the dog in her house and my dad ended up sleeping in the car with the dog....!  I was in 5th grade.  That was 1973.  A real disaster, because somehow our dog got a box of See's candy that was in the car (maybe a present for my Aunt) and after eating all that chocolate had some serious stomach problems... I think my dad was up with her all night.  We never did go back to Aunt Marge's after that... 

It's strange being in a someone else's house.  I hear the lady who runs the place waking her granddaughter and noises from the kitchen as they cook breakfast.

I stay in bed a little longer, enjoying the sounds of the household waking up and this sort of family feeling that I haven't felt for a long time.

I finally couldn't stand being in the room any longer so I took a shower, got dressed and went for a walk.  My travel buddies are late sleepers!  Extremely late sleepers!!  I walk towards the center of Nałęchów and see that the street is lined with some beautiful stately old homes.  Not far from the guest house is a church where mass is being held.  I walk up to the church, but it is really full and I decide not to walk in.  Maybe later.  The street is called Ulica Lipka.  I finally reach the end of the street where there is a big palace in a huge park.  I took a lot of pictures along the way of houses, the church and views along the street.

I am impressed by dozens of industrious crows who are busily gathering twigs and branches to make nests as high up in the trees as possible.  I also saw some woodpeckers pounding on the trees looking for something to eat.  All along the way I could hear mass in Polish.  The churches broadcast the services over loudspeakers.  I'm not sure why they do this.  I could use a cup of coffee or tea, but everything is closed since it's Easter Sunday.  It's a beautiful sunny Easter morning.  Once I reached the end of the street I decided to head back to the place we are staying at and see if the rest of our Polish-Japanese-Argentinian-Californian contingent was finally up and dressed.

Now it's 10.30, they're up, drinking mate (¡para variar!) and watching cartoons.

...  I thought that maybe this place would offer us something for breakfast, but that was wishful thinking!

At about 11 we finally get our stuff packed into the car and head towards the center of the town.  We decide to check out Spa Nałęchów, drink some of their mineral water and go into the spa!  I've never been up to my neck in hot mud before, this is my chance!  The spa is only about five minutes from where we were staying.  It's located on beautiful grounds with a little lake.  At first we wander around the grounds until we locate the spa and get information about when we can enter, how much it will cost and what we can do.  No problems.  The people are friendly and I don't even need my limited Polish since the receptionist speaks English.

  I write about the spa in a review on this same day, to sum it up, it was a fun experience - a nice warm activity for a cold day!

Once we finish at the Spa, it's starting to get dark and we decide to head back to Warsaw and decide to have dinner at a place along the highway on the way back.  We find a fantastic place for dinner.  When I get a little time I'll write a review.  But a thing to keep in mind when driving through Poland is that many of the roadside restaurants are very good, very friendly and inexpensive!  And... if you like soup (like I do) this is a great country to visit because the Polish are specialists!  There are dozens of different soups to try in Poland and they're a great way to warm up on a cold day.

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photo by: boxinbcn