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Leaving Morro de Sao Paulo.. on the way to Itacaré

So finally, 9 o'clock pm going directly to the airport.. so excited because our adventure was about to begin from the moment we put our feet on the plane. I turn on my ipod with a typical brasilian song... so the samba notes were already flowing through my veins, i just need it to be on the tone, actually is something i do everytime i'm travelling to somewhere, feel the place, lifestyle, culture by my precious music.

As always, the voice of the flying assistant giving you the instructions of taking off. That moment, precisely, is when you feel the adrenaline of flying and going to an unknown paradise of adventures and experiences that you probably will remember forever. Already on the air, of course i put my headphones again and try to sleep a bit, but i couldn't just thinking about the idea of ... what are we going to do when we go out of the plane?, my first backpackers experience...

6 Hours later, we landed at Salvador Bahía Airport.. you could inmediately feel the humidity of the place and the fluent portugues. So the only thing that we new by the moment was Obrigada, that means Thank you, so we spent a short time just saying that typical word you use when you arrive to a country you don't know the official language, after that... we got use to it and got kind of it!

We took the typical bus that takes you to the center and arrived to a place unknown, and let's walk. We decided to stay at a hostel in La Barra, a nice places for tourist mixed with the brasilian lifestyle, a perfect combination. We were 3 that arrived to Brazil, because the other 3 friends were going to arrive later, so we left our things and went to the beach. Of course, the hot day didn't help us to stay at the beach so thinking about a place were we can stay cold.. yes! a round into the mall and then, we came back to the hostel to wait for our friends, meanwhile we were driking a nice nice cold beer at the pub right next to the hostel. At 10 pm my other 3 friends arrived, so they joined us, but they were so tired because of the flight that lasted like 9 hours.. :S. Anyway, we drunk a beer and went to bed early because the day after, we had to take a boat to Morro de Sao Paulo, a great island were we found just chileans, israelites and argentinians.. what about brasilians?? jeje definitively the turistic place, but we had the best time ever there. This time, we decided to rent a house for us, and it was good for the first days, but later it looked like a gypsy place and humid. The rain wasn't helping at all... it rained every every day, well except for just one day that we could enjoy a bit of the sunny sky. But this wasn't avoiding us to party every night at Club 87 on the beach... no wearing shoes, all soaking wet with the rain, the samba music and the nice few brasilian people there, was so incredible! the caipirinhas, the heavenly beaches and the relax time you can get there, are unpayable. We found many known people and friends there, because well this place is a typical turistic destination for young chileans. We stayed like 5 days on the island and then decided to go to another way.. we travelled to a hippie place, but turistic aswell.. Itacaré. There we found the same group of friends that were in Morro, so we rent a house just right next to them.


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Leaving Morro de Sao Paulo.. on th…
Leaving Morro de Sao Paulo.. on t…
102 km (63 miles) traveled
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Morro de Sao Paulo
photo by: joesu