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On the Staten Island Ferry

So since we went to bed at 5:30AM we didn't wake up until late the next day....well, sort of late.  I heard people milling around in the morning but kept going in and out of sleep.  Then my phone started ringing and I jumped up and got was ten to 11AM!  man....I wanted to get up earlier and go out and do stuff...oh well.  The phone call was Chase Fraud department wanting to know if I recognized some transactions because they are out of the ordinary.  They didn't ask me about my Metropass purchase at 5AM or about getting gas in bloomsburg they asked me about my transaction that I make every wednesday night at work when I buy a pop and a candybar for when I close the store down. 

Ok, so I was up, becky was up...but we didnt' see anybody else.

Upper New York Bay
  Where are they...I text messaged Ronnie, then I text messaged her boyfriend asking where they were but no response.  So Becky and I decided to take showers and get dressed and eat breakfast (home made Bread and Jam...yum).  After we're ready to go out with no where to go we sit there contemplating on how to get a hold of our friend.  Well, as we're deciding a friend of her roomie comes in...she informs us that they are all on the porch...too bad I didn't think of that...hmmm.

We go out...announce that we're up...and head out to Time Square....which I was surpised of because Ronnie doesn't like to do touristy things.  But anywho...we get out and head down to go to seven-eleven...which is now a Kwik-E-Mart from the simpsons...  We go in and the place is full of cut out characters from the Simpsons.

In the Kwik-E-Mart in Times Square
  We looked over to the left and we see a Squishee Machine where it seems to be the thing to do there...get a squishee (another name for a slushy) and then I got some simpsons memorabilia including Buzz Cola.

We got our fix in the Kwik-E-Mart and headed out toward the main part of Time Square that everybody knows about.  The one with all the lights and crowds of people and people trying to sell things on the street!  We head down and go into the Hershey Store...which apparently Reese's made a Peanut Butter and Banana Peanut Butter Cup to commemorate Elvis...which was pretty cool. 

After Times Square we walk up to Central Park so we can take the Home Alone Tour.  Becky wanted to see the Plaza Hotel, Central Park and the Toy store from the second movie.

They actually make Peanut butter and banana Reese's Cups... me at the Hershey store in Times' Square
  We got to see part of Central Park and the Plaza Hotel was under construction and Ronnie and Ronnie took us to FAO Schwartz...which the toy store in the movie is Duncan's Toy chest which is a fictional that was as close as we could get to that.  But the toy store was cool.  There was a lot of stuff to look at and there were people everywhere to demo the is an awesome store and it was fun to go around and look and play with everything!

Once done there we headed down to the train to get the Staten Island Ferry.  Ronnie stopped to get a hot dog and I wasn't hungry at the time...but watching her eat the hot dog made me once we got off the 1 train I stopped to get one too and so did Aaron.

  But poor becky...she saw us all eat our hot dogs and the only thing she could eat was a snapple because she's vegetarian.  But we waited for the Ferry and took our half hour ride to Staten Island...the one thing Becky wanted to do was see the Statue of she got to see it from the ferry.  And as I thought when I first saw the Statue is that it's a lot smaller than I always imagined.  In movies they're always like, the first thing you see in NY is the Statue of Liberty...bit it's not too big...kind of puny. 

We got off the boat famished....Ronnie's boyfriend told us about a restaurant (I think it was called the Gardens, but I'm not sure) so we decided to try and find it....but with all the construction it was near impossible.  I mean the restaruant should've been on South Ferry but we couldn't find it!  We were wondering around the same block for like 15 minutes and my blistered feet were starting to pop.

With lego Star Wars in FAO Schwarts really sucked!  But we finally found it...and guess what?  It was closed for a private party.  Next to it though there was a Beer Garden Grill that we were going to go to...but alas...Becky doesn't eat meat so we had to go find something else!  And something else we did...we walked out of the construction area and saw the Water Street Gourmet....this will do we all agreed... So we finally licked our palate and found somehting to satisfy it!

Once done eating Ronnie went her way back to Brooklynn and Aaron was going to take us to a piano bar.  We still had some time to waste so we went back up to times square so I could get a box of chocolates at Bubba Gump Shrimp and Co.  See this whole trip I was trying to find a gift for the guy who took my shift at work so I could make this weekend happen.

Wonder Woman lost her head (see left doll) at FAO Schwarz on 5th Avenue! =0
  But I didn't want somehting too I figured a box of chocolates would do because you know what mama always is like a box of never know what you're gonna get.  I go to the gift shop, get 2 boxes of chocolates and some hot sauce for my sister and we all head up to the Bathroom.  We, obviously, go into separate rooms and Becky and I leave at the same time and feel that it's too crowded to wait upsairs for we head down stairs hoping he figures it out!  See, I hate crowds of people...I like big open places...not small confinded places with lot's of people....hmmm; I wonder why I keep going back to NYC then?  But after 15 minutes I have to go upstairs to get Aaron...and with him being the New Yorker he is he was on his phone waiting paciently for his female guests.
Times Square

We get back onto the 1, I believe, and head down to West Greenwich Village where we headed to the Duplex to see the piano bar for the rest of the night.  Aaron had great raves for this bar so we decided to try it out!  The bar started out dry and boring but once the good pianist came on the place picked up and we had a blast.  Here I ordered a cranberry and vodka while Becky ordred a screw driver...she kept drinking them like water despite the glass being 75% vodka...I wanted to see what the big deal was...well, this screw driver was made with fresh squeezed orange juice!  I tried one, and two, and three...and more...and let me just tell you this was the best screw driver I have ever ahd in my life!  So good that I got too inebriated and got sick before the night was over.

on the 1 train going to the Staten Island Ferry
..well, the night was over what I was  used to in Pittsburgh, but since NYC doesn't sleep it was early.  Sigh. =(


perryk51 says:
Hey Julie any info on that piano bar in greenwich, I've always wanted 2 check out a decent piano bar...
Posted on: Dec 27, 2007
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On the Staten Island Ferry
On the Staten Island Ferry
Upper New York Bay
Upper New York Bay
In the Kwik-E-Mart in Times Square
In the Kwik-E-Mart in Times Square
They actually make Peanut butter a…
They actually make Peanut butter …
With lego Star Wars in FAO Schwarts
With lego Star Wars in FAO Schwarts
Wonder Woman lost her head (see le…
Wonder Woman lost her head (see l…
Times Square
Times Square
on the 1 train going to the Staten…
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