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The highest point east of the Mississippi on I-80 near Penfiled, PA

So Monday Morning Becky and I were going to wake up early to go to Coney Island...only there were 2 problems.  One is that the rain was so bad that we couldn't go and two we were still inebriated!  Blah.  Which this sort of sucks because Coney Island is  under development where they're tearing down the park and building condo's and what not.  I wanted to go ride the cyclone and still be able to see the boardwalk and waterfront!  So to say the least I was happy that it was raining otherwise I would have had remorse on my night out.

But finally after moseying around until 1PM Becky and I feel fine enough to start our drive back out to the burgh.  We run in and out of the house in pouring rain to get our stuff in the car and off we go.  Or so we though.  Crap...these New Yorkers can parallel park...and me being a country folk I am (well, not really country folk, but not having to ever have to parallel park) I couldn't get out!  So what do I do.... I think.... I ponder.  Ok, so I already have a scuff on my back bumper (which I have a 2006 Civic in pristine condition besides that) and the car behind me is a beater car that these folks drive around so that way they can get hit.  It was a brown sedan from the late 80's early 90's and the paint was peeling off.  so I did what I had to do...back up until I tapped the car behind me and did the Austin Powers back up and go forward thing so I could get out!  Great it worked....or so I thought.  Once I got home I found out that I have a ding in my bumper because of the stupid license plates they have on the front of the car!  AUGH!!!

Ok, so enough about my car woes...I drove out of the City since I did the drive countless times and Becky slept.  After we got off of the Goethals Bridge I had to pull over for Becky to vomit and we went on our way as she slept.  We got all the way to the Jersey/PA line and she took over so I could rest. 

We finally stopped off at Bloomsburg for gas and food.  Becky was craving a Subway Sub so we stopped off at the BP Gas Station that had Subway inside it and she got her footlong Veggie.  I wasn't wanting anything solid but wanted soup.  Hmmm...where would have soup...I bet Wendy's would...errr...wrong!  They only have chile.  So we went to Perkins where the manager was nice enough to let Becky eat her sub while I got chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes.  I sipped the broth and ate a couple noodles so I could take some Excederine (at this point I had a sinus headache from the rain and pressure, a migraine and I drank too much the night before headache).  I couldn't finish the food so I took it with me. 

At this point Becky felt good enough to drive the next leg of the trip and I fell asleep in the passengers seat for 45 minutes (the whole time before this I couldn't fall asleep...I think the excedrine knocked me out...but I think I have a problem.  I can fall asleep on a train, subway and on a 45 minute flight from washington/reagan airport to Pittsburgh...but not in a car).  So after 45 minutes it's my turn to take over...and let me tell you that little cat nap is all I needed...I felt so much better!  I even ate my mashed potatoes!

Becky and I are driving a long the road and since I'm moving and she's never been this far east on I-80 we decided to take a picture at the highest point on I-80 east of the Mississippi at Exit 111 near Penfield, in Clearfield County.  We pulled over; feeling refreshed from the rest of our drive, and took the pics! 

Once we got back in the car we only had about another hour and a half or so until we hit Becky's of I-80 this time...not I-79 and we headed off into the sunset so we could make the rest of our trek home!

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The highest point east of the Miss…
The highest point east of the Mis…
Du Bois
photo by: holdbacktherain