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I get Becky and we head out.  We drive until we're hungry which ends up being 10 PMish....which we realized we are not in Pittsburgh anymore.  We get up to see what's open and well, in Bloomsburg, PA off of I-80 there is almost nothing.  We saw a KFC and looked to see when they closed....Darn...the doors are being locked...let's go through the drive through to see if they'll respond.  We drive up, wait for a second and as we're about to pull away we hear...welcome to KFC, how can I help you!  Score 2 for us!!  I think we confused her though...or atleast made her night a little bit more interesting...because I asked for my pop (for all of you not from the area pop is another name for soda pop, soda or a carbonated beverage) to be mixed with Pepsi and Dr. Pepper---I usually put a splash of rootbeer in there too but they didn't have it---and becky is a vegitarian and the poor woman had to walk back to get a new mashed potato because we didn't order it without the gravy.

So we head on our way and turn on to this is where we start to get confused.  See when I go to Brooklyn I always take the Goethals bridge...but since I was driving through around midnight I couldn't go that way because of construction!  So Ronnie told me to take the Outer (soemthing or other) bridge off of 440!  I follow her directions, try to find the roads, but alas I take the wrong direction on the turnpike (I-95).  I realize this once I pull past the toll booth and take the exit!  Now you are probably wondering, if I had a GPS unit why didn't I just use that and not rely on paper directions...and that is a very good question.  The problem was is that the unit couldn't find the outer bridge and I think that mapquest, AAA and GPS units are in cahoots with the toll booths because they always want to take me through the way with the most tolls...which is Manhattan because then you get charged for going through the Battery Tunnel...which it takes you that way instead of the Brooklyn Bridge which I just found out doesn't have any tolls.

But back to the the reason why I say that this is as worse as the first trip I took out in 2002 is because I went out in college to do a photo documentary with another photographer, Kevin.  I was working on documenting the NYC subways system like Bruce Davidson did in the early 1980's whereas Kevin was photographing Hot Dog Vendors in the lights of Bernd and Hilla Becher and their water tower 50 year documentary.  But when we went out there he was driving my car and argued with me on the directions...we got lost because I looked at the one road to be more confusing as it is (which is understandable because on the map it looks like the Pittsburgh Road does...I-279 South turns into route 60 crazy as that is....but needless to say we ended up going through the Holland Tunnels that trip...missed the first exit ramp out of the tunnels and ended up in China Town at 2AM! 

Ok, I'm side tracking again.  So instead of traveling through the 7 levels of the candy cane forest we took 7 main roads and instead of going past the sea of swirly, twirly gumdrops we went past the grungy, smelly cities in Jersey and then instead of walking gracefully through the Lincoln Tunnels we stumbled our way through the Holland Tunnels.  And all I have to say is Thank God for my GPS unit and actually splurging on it!  Because if it wasn't for that I would have made like 2002 and ended up lost in China Town.

Needless to say we got into Brooklyn at 2AM....2 hours later than anticipated...but alive and well!!!

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photo by: Fitnessguru729