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So we got up to a late start on Saturday.... our daily agenda was to go to get my watches fixed, go to the Market at Union Squre (14th Street), go to Pukk with Ronnie's old Roomate Jason, go to Virgin Records to buy a Vinyl and to get the Harry Potter Book (not my idea of fun...but I dealt with it!)....and all not in this order!

We head out to Union Square where sadly I didn't get to go to my Market first thing in the Morning.  We get off the train and head south somewhere to a watch and clock repairer (I'll insert the information once I get out to my car and get her card) where I planned to take 3 watches that I inherited from my grandfather.  My mom was going to give them to goodwill when I stopped her.  She said they were junk but I knew better...there's no way you're going to toss a Hamilton from WWII and a Bulova out for nothing!  She bet they wouldn't be worth anything.  but anywho...we head out to this place I don't know where it is yet (I think it might be on Avenue A because we went to a Benny's Burrito's next door while we waited).  On the way there Ronnie is showing us the sights, showed Becky the first Coyote Ugly and I walked by a place that had a whole bunch of luggage sets infront of the store...I stopped and everybody kept walking...but once they realized I wasn't there they stopped too.  When we went up to the outlets at Grove City earlier that week my mom bought a suit case that she thought was small enough to be a carry on...but it wasn't.  She wanted an obnoxious color so she could find it if she had to put her suitcase in a separate part of the plane she was sitting in.  So I stop and this place has a schmorgasboard of colors.  I find one in a light brown with dark brown designs for $20.  Well, not just $20 but $20 for me...$30 for everybody else...or so they say so you feel special and to entice you to buy.  But I was going to buy anyways for thirty bucks.  One thing I notices is that what's expensive in NYC is cheap in PGH (Pittsburgh for short) and what's expensive in PGH (like the suitcase) is Cheap in NYC!

But anywho...we go into this small shop that has clocks everywhere ticking away.  A woman comes up to a window like we are at a bank trying to talk to the teller and I hand her the watches.  she's not sure exactly but the Hamilton is worth about $650 and the Bulova is worth about $450 (which I was happy to find out might be a swiss made watch...not japanese like they are now!!)...and there's a 3rd watch we're unsure of...but either way score for me!  I have to call Wed the 25th to find out the verdict on them.  But Ronnie just had to get her batteries changed so we went over to Benny's Burrito's while we waited....we got some mojitos and some chips to pass the time away!

Once done snacking away on some chips we walked up to 1st avenue to see Becky's main point of interest...a Vegan Restaurant.  Since Jason is Vegan Ronnie asked him for his recommendation.  He asked himself where can we go that has good food, has good service and isn't going to break the we headed out to Pukk.  Which I have a review of this so read up on my review to know more!!!

Finally, I's time for the Market....errr...I was wrong.  We walked through the Market over to the other corner of the square to Barnes and Nobles...Noooo... It's time for Harry Potter...blah!  I'm not into Harry Potter...saw one movie, didn't like it.  And I got sick of people boyfriends, sisters boyfriend was dyslexic until he read Harry cured him.  so I protested it because it seemed to warp peoples minds (sorry for those of you who love the book)...but it was crazy in there...this is a 4 story Barnes and Nobles we went too and it was packed!  the lines were long and people were everywhere...but finally they got their books and we left! it's time to go across the street to the Market at Union Square!  I love this market and Friday and Saturdays are the best days to when I come out to NYC I try to plan my trip around those days!  They best vendors are there and the selection is wonderful.  I am there for 3 things.  Honey, Jam and Wine.  Yeah...remember how I scored good before...well, this was a bad score.  The only person who was there was Beth, the great Jam lady!  Everybody else is only there in Fridays...sigh....Ronnie told me that means I'll just have to take another trip out there to buy my honey and wine...which I just might.  But I looked around the Market, found a cute baby set for my friend who's wife is having a baby next week, some apple wine/cider and, of course, my Jam from Beth's cause it's the Best! 

Once done with the Market I moseyed my way over to the other side of the square to the Virgin Records Megastore...there I was on a buy an actual record from recording artists from today...which everybody thought I was tripping and that there weren't records in the store.  See my 14 year old cousin found a record player and a box vinyls at a thrift store last year for ten bucks...she snagged it and thought it was the coolest thing.  The only thing is the music was all the Beach Boys, Monkeys and music from the 60' when I went to Chicago I got her some 80's music and this time I wanted to get her something from now.  This is the only place where I can find this at...the records are the same price as buying a CD...sometimes more...but it's pretty cool that I got Jack Johnson on Vinyl! 

We head back to Brooklyn after our long day out and go back to Brooklyn to order the Best Pizza in Brooklyn from San Remos Pizza on Courtelyou Road.  While we wait for the delivery we put in a movie that I bought Ronnie a couple months ago called "Bong Water".  I saw it at work and was sort of amused by it.  It had good actors (luke Wilson, Brittany Murphy, Alicia Witt, Andy Dick, Jeremy sisto, Jamie Kennedy, Scott Caan and Ronnie's Most Favoritest Actor Jack Black), it was a scratch and sniff box but looked like a really bad movie but it was I mailed it to her a while back.  Well, she had Becky and I sit through the torture of watching it....after I ate the pizza I actually fell asleep through it and that doesn't happen with me and movies!

So we all took naps and Ronnies Roomate, Aaron, took us out for a night on town.  We first went to Black Betty's Bar in Williamsburgh (a suburb of Brooklyn).  We went in there and I was shocked because people were dancing.  Last year I went to Coyote Ugly and I started to dance and the people I was with told me to stop...I thought they were joking.  But apparenlty NYC has a Cabaret Law and the only way you can dance is if the bar has a cabaret license...otherwise you can get fined!  We're over there for a bit..and around 2AM we head over to Alphabet City which is in the East Village and it's name comes from Avenues A, B, C, and D, the only avenues in Manhattan to have single-letter names.  Here we go to Mona's which is a good 'ole Irish Bar which serves it's beers the true Irish ways... if full 20 oz mugs!  On our way to Mona's Aaron told us that if we had time we would go to Otto's Shrunken Head.  We walked past it and I said that it looked like the Tiki Lounge in Pittsburgh....Aaron laughed and said that all the places he had planned to take us were subconciously like what I would find in Pittsburgh...hense why I was surprised about the Dancing...because from what I've seen there it doesn't happen much.

So we stay at Mona's until last call (4AM) and make our way back to Brooklyn.  So since we were on the other side of the time zone the sun rises a half hour earlier than in PGH.  So as we were walking home behind other bar dwellers while the sun was rising...this really is the city that doesn't sleep!

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