Do I finally make it into the exclusive Seattle club?

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First off, this is quite an unusual blog for me. In the past, I've bunged on all my US and Canadian travels in the country blogs I'd created, but that's because those were trips done on long weekends or over holiday breaks. This trip, I felt deserved its own blog.

So with that said, as I often do, let's get into the WHYs. The "why Jasper" and "why Banff"... From as long as I can remember (well, October 2010, the date I moved to Seattle), during every dinner or pub outing, my Seattler friends would endorse the great Pacific NW to me and then tack on Banff and Jasper (like the free desserts one gets with the meal) as must-see's. Almost to the point of "you ain't a Pacific NW'er if you haven't visited the Canadian Rockies". It was then that I started 'researching' (aka, boring google searches on weekends when I have nothing better to do) and realised how both Banff and Jasper almost always feature in every National Geographic, Discovery Channel and tons of other "top ten" lists. Either a to-see or a to-do or a go-visit... it just goes on and on. And this had definitely piqued my curiosity...

Planning a trip seemed a nightmare. Not because of the actual planning, but the timing. Apparently the best time is the end of summer/start of autumn - aka, mid August when we'd invariably have parents or parents-in-law visiting, or something else and so the plan just never fell to fruition. After months of going back and forth, we thought we've got to do it this August. Now or never in a way. So with that decision made, planning each day's events was easy peasey. For God's sake this place is like Disneyland for hikers and nature lovers!

So yes, is it too early for me to wear my "I'm a Pacific Northwestener and I've visited the Rockies" badge of honour?!

walterman9999 says:
I wish I could go there, but to much driving.
Posted on: Aug 15, 2015
Besandri says:
Thanks Vikram, I am 3 hours away from Banff and should arrive there in a week.
From there I take a week to get back to Vancouver before heading home to Melbourne.
So I will have a good look at your photos and blog :)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2014
Ils1976 says:
Like usual I missed out on the feature, so ... belated congrats! :D
Posted on: Aug 26, 2014
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