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Atlantic Canadians love to travel but the reality of living in Northern Canada rears its ugly head and bites,  time and the wallet suffers. With no such thing as discount carriers, we earn our air miles honestly. Wanting to travel requires a feeder airline trip to Toronto.

Connections to get to Toronto are easy, connection back to Atlantic Canada are at the whim of the airlines. Atlantic Canadians, by and large, moan, groan and bemoan our airlines.

The alarm sounded at 2:00am to prepare for the Air Canada departure to Toronto at 5:45am. Passengers are usually sleepy and the propeller driven plane is always small, and dispenses no comfort but just the reality of getting to Toronto. There is one cabin attendant, who dispenses free water, coffee and soda. Her performance is smile free, robotic and seems to be a real chore.

 I was able to get an aisle seat with no seat mate, thus the ability to stretch my legs was a treat. Two hours plus later, the little bird spit out its passengers and we all walked like zombies to the next, departure gate of choice. We stop and turn our clocks back one hour because Toronto is just awakening.

Six plus hours later, fueled by one, expensive, chicken wrap and a Diet Coke we bounced into Vegas at close to 11:00am. But, really it was 3:00pm at home. Customs and Immigration was a breeze as it was handled in Toronto. The overpowering might of USA Homeland Security was replaced by rows and rows of slot machines as soon as the unloading ramp was at my back. Welcome to Vegas!

None of the car rental agencies have booths at the Las Vegas airport. Rather, one boards a bus to be taken to car rental terminal a few blocks away, which serves most car rental companies. This building was as busy as a small airport and after waiting in line, another two  hours passed before I was able to hook up the GPS unit and make for the hotel.

Every hotel sells gambling first and rooms second.  The noise is hypnotic and the room at the Excalibur was generic. My body said “sleep” and then get out of Dodge and early. The first day !


rsvpme says:
Vikram....and it did......Thanks for the belated vote of confidence. People like you inspire people like me.
Posted on: Jun 03, 2014
Vikram says:
I smell a featured blog soon! Jim, great blog entry and it's not just the Atlantic Canadians, but in the world of airline alliances and bankruptcies, fares seem to be high if you're not living in any of the major cosmo cities (Toronto, Vancouver, L.A, Chicago. NYC, Miami, etc.)!
Posted on: Jun 02, 2014
rsvpme says:
Helen...It got my excitement level increased!
Posted on: May 31, 2014
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