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Capoeira in the park

Day 1: At breakfast (mmm pancakes) we met a girl called Steph who we spent the day with before her friends arrived that eve. Went wandering around Miraflores (the area of Lima we were staying in) into the main square where there is a beautiful park church etc, and then down to the coast and walked along the cliff path through various parks including Parque del amor ("park of love") where there were lots of smoochy couples eek. On our way back into town for lunch we stumbled across a group of people doing capoeira - which is a brazilian martial arts/dance/street fighting to music (photos coming soon!) really interesting to watch they were all crazy flexible!!!After lunch went down a steep path to the beach were we paddled in the Pacific.

Lima Cathedral and Plaza de Armas
.not for long tho as we got very wet with icky water..

Day 2: Went to local artisans market - and haggled our way to incredibly cheap prices for an alpaca jumper for charlie! Went for a late lunch 3 course meal costing us 7 soles (less than 1.50pounds) had an "interesting" purple goo for pudding...

Day 3: Caught a taxi into central Lima. Saw all the sights - Plaza de Armas (apparently a world heritage site), the cathedral etc. Outside the palace we watched changing of the guard...hilariously funny!!! think marching with legs swinging up straight to waist height, trumpets, a marching band playing jazz, armed riot police and a crazy man dancing in the middle of the street to the music...managed to catch the England-Portugal penalties..needless to say we were the only ones in the near vicinity who were disapointed - one man after came up to us and asked are you english? then promptly - hahaha you lost!! how rude!! in the afternoon went in a little tour up to san cristobel - a huge hill behind lima drove up it through a shanty town which brought all those geography case studies to life! at the top realised quite how humungous and smoggy lima is! then we went to San Francisco church and saw the catacombs - very surreal had 6m deep pits of bones in the crypt many of them arranged in designs.

Us at the top of San Cristobel mirador - and yes the haze is smog!
.!!Got back to the hotel to find that we had to move to another one at before we moved, we went down the road to a Gelateria where we scoffed the hugest yummiest cheapest icecreams ever made!

Day 4: Went to church which was novel for both of us - esp as we had no idea what was going on though we did recognise a few tunes and the people in front of us randomly turned and shook our hands! Wandered into the park where there were a load of over 60s doing dance aerobics to Shakeira and then tai chi..! A guy called Felix wanted to practice his english with us, which was interesting as he didn't understand much of what we said to him! All of sudden, music started and people started doing tango - professionals at first then people from the turned into a lesson and being the only gringos in the crowd we got picked out to have a go...interesting pics to come!


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Capoeira in the park
Capoeira in the park
Lima Cathedral and Plaza de Armas
Lima Cathedral and Plaza de Armas
Us at the top of San Cristobel mir…
Us at the top of San Cristobel mi…
Charlie strutting her stuff in the…
Charlie strutting her stuff in th…
Claire´s turn!
Claire´s turn!
Park del Amor in Miraflores near o…
Park del Amor in Miraflores near …
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