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Pisac - check out the inca stonework lol the temples always had perfect stones - no cement!

Flew to Cuzco, met the whole of our group for the inca trail - there were 14 of us doing the trail. spent most of the afternoon chilling to adjust to the altitude change from sea level to around 3400m. Drank lots of coca tea which helps you to adjust. Wandered into Cuzco in the evening for dinner - had pizza (ok not very peruvian but were about to have 4 days of local food on the inca trail!) and chicha morada, a local beer made of maize - yum!

Tour of the Sacred Valley. Stopped to look at Sacsayhuamen - an inca site which forms the head of the Puma shape of Cuzco (everything inca is pumas as they are a symbol of power!) Continued up the valley to Pisaq first going to the large inca site at the top of the hill and then down to the town for lunch.

Chicha...tasted as bad as it looks
After this we were supposed to be going to Ollyantambo (for the night and to see the ruins) but the road was blocked by farmers striking about the government wanting to export agricultural products - they had walked down the main road putting lots of rocks, stones, burnt out cars, boulders, tree trunks, bonfires etc in the road to stop traffic! Our guide Cesar thought that they would be over by about 3pm so we delayed our journey with a town called Kalkar, where we tried proper local chicha -- yuck tasted like hoppy cider! Also stopped at Urco, a small inca site in the middle of nowhere. There was a large rock in the middle which cesar tried his best to convince us looked like frog..while we were looking at it about 16 really cute local kids (from 3 famillies all under about 9!)came and made a display of all the different types of corn, we bought them bread and pop to say thank you.
The kids showing us the diff types of maize..wanted to steal the one in the middle with the red jumper on..
Turned out the strike was going strong with 500 farmers blocking the road further down, so we turned back and took a different road round to Ollyantambo.

Because of the strike we hadnt made it to the ruins so we got up at 6 to go and see them before we started the inca trail. Cesar explained how they slid huge stones (over 2 tonnes) for 10km from one side of the valley to the other for the temple at the top. After this drove to Km82 for the start of the inca trail!!! 3 days hiking, with a short hike on the 4th day to Machu Picchu - is too hard to describe and would be very we'll just say it was AMAZING we both loved it despite the hardcoreness e.g. 3 hours solid steep uphill starting at 3350m at 6am to 4200m - though despite starting last with charlie's slave driving we still got to the top 2nd and 3rd!Arriving at Machu Picchu was incredible, watching the sunrise over it was indescribible! Even though we were about to die we still made ourselves climb up Wayna Picchu - the peak just behind Machu Picchu totally worth it for the veiws! An unforgetable experience!!!


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Pisac  - check out the inca stonew…
Pisac - check out the inca stone…
Chicha...tasted as bad as it looks
Chicha...tasted as bad as it looks
The kids showing us the diff types…
The kids showing us the diff type…
Inca trail - over looking some rui…
Inca trail - over looking some ru…
At the top of dead womans pass
At the top of dead womans pass
photo by: Vlindeke