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For the past two weeks, we have been learning Spanish and how to salsa at Bipo & Toni´s Academia de Espanol. Who are Bipo and Toni? Unfortunately that question will go unanswered as today was our last day. We bade a tearful farewell to our teachers, the delicious bread offered at break, and the humbling Spanish vocabulary board games. I (This is Audrey, by the way) have not had a Spanish lesson since second grade so it was great to learn the grammar behind la isla bonita y soy un perdedor. I am immensely grateful to my teacher, Susana Enriquez, for being sweet, energetic and patient; she never tired of my endless "eerrrmms" as I searched for the right verb and how to put it in the proper tense. The culmination of our studies, essays on fruits native to Ecuador, will be published here as well so stay tuned. I´m sure we´ll all practice our newfound language skills once we´re in the jungle and have nothing but time and machetes on our hands.

We also started learning how to salsa with Alexandra, another extremely patient teacher. She taught us all the basics and built on our knowledge with every lesson, adding sexy twists to what at first appeared to be line dancing to better music. By the end we were twirling like pros and even moved on to the chacha and merengue. Salsatecas del mundo, ten cuidado por Greenforce!

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photo by: Bluetraveler