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Baluran mt (from Bekol tower)

Lucky me!! i got the second chance to visit the same track and took a lot pictures of wild deers and peacocks in the next morning! Hurray!! (^ -^)/ In the night after we had our dinner, was Pak Henry that offered to all of us to do “nyanggong” (waiting on hidden tree house to watch wild bull drinking in very late night for min. 4 hours - max only for 3 person) or riding his motorcycle next morning to see wild deer groups (only for one person). Ummm.. Seem other else too shy or too sleepy to catch the offer, but I did! :p

After waking up early at 04.30 and having sunrise from Bekol tower, I tried my luck to watch and take pictures of the wild animals. Just a few minutes leaving Bekol, I already saw a bunch of female peacock. They were flying away when I got close, the same reaction as the second bigger group with a beautiful male peacock. We did broke up a very big group of wild deers as we passed them. Some in my left, some in my right, some behind me, some in front of, cautious and hiding between the Acasia. I love this moment! They all were staring at me, watching me even my lil movement. Female deers were more cautious than Rangga, the big male ones. As she sounded a short “quik” voice, quickly the group left me.

Flying peacock - hard to get closer to.. :(
umm.. they were beautiful!

Very happy to get this chance! And much happier to visit Baluran National Park again.. some day…




Malang - Batangan, Situbondo
5-6 hours by bus

Only Simpati cellular phone number has signal in BNP.
But it may drop sometimes.

Batangan - Bekol station
12 kilometers poor road
40-50 minutes
Booking the BNP truck
200,000 IDR/ return way

Entrance ticket
Foreign                 20,000 IDR
Domestic                 2,500 IDR
Student                 1,250 IDR
2 wheel vehicle     3,000 IDR
4-6 wheel vehicle  6,000 IDR

Bekol station - Bama beach

8 kilometers, 20 minutes by bus or
2 hours trekking thru savannah

Best time for animal watching
05.00 a.m. (starts seeking food, bathing, etc)
04.00 p.m. (having a rest under trees)

Bekol Resort
25,000 IDR/person/night
7,500 IDR for meal/person
Mostly BNP electricity by solar cell
Black out at 10.00 p.m
150,000 IDR for fuel to keep the electric after 10.00 p.m.

Guide fee
75,000 IDR/day

T shirt 25-30,000 IDR
Pin 5,000 IDR

For further information:
Baluran National Park (banyuwangi office)

K.H. Agus Salim 132
Banyuwangi 68425
P. +62 333 424119

Situbondo office
P. +62 333 461107

*Or email me to get Pak Henry or other ranger/officer phone number ;)


mypictures4u says:
HU keke, it didn't really bother me - don't worry! I enjoyed my trip to your home country. I was just perplexed to learn about this.
Posted on: Jul 29, 2007
inikeke says:
I'm sorry that it bothers you but, i can't help, it happens..:( even in that condition, the domestic tourism hasn't grown well yet..
umm.... dunno what to say... just try to share any information i know..
Posted on: Jul 28, 2007
mypictures4u says:
I am amazed again that there is a different entrance fee for foreigners and domestic people :-D When I visited Java and Bali I also learned that this is common practise. Locals pay less for hotels.
This is totally unknown in most of the other countries (outside Asia) I have visited so far.
Posted on: Jul 27, 2007
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Baluran mt (from Bekol tower)
Baluran mt (from Bekol tower)
Flying peacock - hard to get close…
Flying peacock - hard to get clos…
dear deer
dear deer
lovely cautious female deer
lovely cautious female deer
a macaca on a tree
a macaca on a tree
Baluran mountan from the savannah
Baluran mountan from the savannah
Baluran National Park
photo by: inikeke