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Haven't been travelling for quite some time now. I've almost forgotten the feeling. Ecstatic actually. Had some time to relax and reflect for a moment there.  Destination: Baguio, Philippines' summer capital. Nothing much really.  It was just a weekend getaway. Actually had no plan on going but since I'm already in the area might as well.

From La Union I was suppose to ride a bus to take me to the City. But a nice family took me in and let me hitch a ride with them (hehehe another first for me).  Off to Session Road, Baguio City's busiest street.  Had to walk in a couple of inn and hotel before I finally settle in Hotel 45.  Price was awesome!  Anyway i'm hoping to make a review of it later as well as the rest of the places I've been.  

It was a Saturday night, bars we're packed with college kids. Had a couple of drink at Nevada Square, met a Korean girl; exchange stares and smiles with a couple of locals.  Whew! It was then that I realized how old I feel when I'm with this crowd.  Where do all the yuppies go?!

The next day, I turn to the ever reliable internet for some tips and sights on Baguio.  Grr.. no luck! I've been in the place for a number of times already with my family.  Baguio has so much to offer especially with trips that involves little children. We will always go to popular places such as Burnham Park, Mines View and the list goes on..  I wanted something different!  Although I did went back and stroll along the lagoon of Burnham Park, for some sentimental guy-related emotion driven reason.. sigh! Took a cab to go to Tamawan Village. It's where I took most of my pictures (sadly, since it was unplanned no camera for me! just my good ol' phone!) Spent almost a day there.  Found comfort with the people. I even had a 15-minute portrait done!

And who in his right Filipino mind would go to Baguio without stopping by the UKAY-UKAY shops and have a feast on second hand / vintage clothings? I definitely had my share!        

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photo by: cookiecandy22