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Great chair I saw in a window in BA. I'd love to have it.

As it was after midnight leaving, I'm continuing this on the appropriate day. 

To continue this trips theme, the flight from Buenos Aires to Miami was unpleasant. The man behind me seemed to be agreed by my desire to recline as he would push on the seat. I asked him to stop several times. His wife was even embarrassed. I finally asked for the attendant to deal with this or move me. He stopped...until breakfast. I asked him if he wanted to trade places and is be glad to show him what it was like to be seated in front of him...silence. 

Anyway, we left an hour late as terrible lightning was preventing takeouts and we were 9th in line.

The movie I was watching ( about the guy who was a sperm donor and fathered 533 children, reset twice.

BA transport in front of cool mens store top it off, when meals were served, the airplane had not received its special meals. The attendants said that this was common. There was beef and fish to choose from. The guy beside me had also requested a veg meal...and he was pissed. Fortunately I had eaten a decent sized meal before boarding...just incase, so I was ok. I reminded the attendant that I'm a frequent traveler and this is was a choice that I had made to fly with A,eric an as my partner. I would be emailing about this. She said I should do just that. 

I took something to knock me out as I wanted to try to use a majority for sleep...if possible. 

We made up a bit of time and arrived at 7:35, just 30 minutes late. The immigration area was empty...that was a first.

B&W of flowers in Colonia, Uruguay
I was through in a flash. I was told by the immigration agent that the reason that I was selected for screening was due to my hyphenated last name, which I knew. He also added that the problem was that it didn't match up with how American Airlines entered my name...without the hyphen. I needed to add that to my email! 

I had some time to kill and happened upon a cafeteria that was serving scrambled eggs and grits...yum! It was no Waffle House, but it would do. 

I edited pics while waiting for boarding as I had over 500 to sort and  color correct where necessary. After 2 hours my head hurts! I'll wire for a bit...more pics later. 

Boarded and on my way...let this come to and end soon. I need to go get a new phone.

Window in Palermo
...not something I want to do as I want a larger iPhone 6, due in Sept. I hope that AT&T would work something out with me...we'll see. 

UPDATE - I had to buy a new phone. I will have to wait a year to be able to switch to a larger screen phone...fine. Luckily as it's an iPhone, I was able to retrieve all that I lost. Viator emailed me and is investigating my tour incident in Colonia. My credit card company is opened an incident report and says they will pursue with using consumer protection laws. We shall see. 


1. So, this adventure is complete, I've reached 77, but the cost of this trip was a whole lot of something I have in short supply, sanity. In this many adventures, there have been numerous challenges but few have thoroughly thrown me and caused me stress that I so desperately needed to leave behind.

Men's clothing shop in BA
With all adventures, there are rewards. I met some wonderful people and even made a new friend. I saw extremes in culture in Buenos Aires, not often found in one city. I discovered  the very creative Uruguayan spirit of amazing creativity in Colonia. I enjoyed everything from a gothic cemetery where Evita rests, to a soul southing art exhibit where I saw my first Kahlo and Rivera and  was exhilarated by Testino's iconic photographic images that have made me smile, made me think, and made me dance. The journey was worth the cost. It always has been and I suspect it always will.  

2.    I realized last night that there was a dynamic to this trip that was different for me. This is my own personal analysis. I was once fearful of travel. Someone showed me not to fear and I inched forward and was soon running/flying anywhere I could get a ticket. I became fearless. Through a change in my life I lost that fearlessness and stopped travel. I didn't know if I could ever do it again. Two years later I inched forward. I started to jog but not a run...I was really alone in this. Buenos Aires represented my first run as it is the largest city (13 million people) I've ever tackled on my own. There was always some to watch over me for the big leaps. I managed this but I skinned my knees badly. As I have an much, much bigger journey ahead in June, I need to prepare better. Singapore (5.5 million) is big but Bangkok (14.5 million) will be even more challenging than Buenos Aires. I must do better! I will be alone but I can do it!

delsol67 says:
You are too kind, Helen. I get very introspective on my flight home. I'm always thinking about what I enjoyed and what challenges I had. What I learn and lessons to I can translate to my own life are always welcome.

Thanks again,
Posted on: Apr 19, 2014
HelenP says:
A very eloquent, personal, final entry. You might hit turbulence along the way, but keep flying Brian.
Posted on: Apr 18, 2014
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Great chair I saw in a window in B…
Great chair I saw in a window in …
BA transport in front of cool mens…
BA transport in front of cool men…
B&W of flowers in Colonia, Uruguay
B&W of flowers in Colonia, Uruguay
Window in Palermo
Window in Palermo
Mens clothing shop in BA
Men's clothing shop in BA
Miami Beach
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