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Sleepy is right. Not much going on in the former east german town. Being 2 of only 5 people who got off the bus at this stop, we had a feeling it would be laid back. To our joy we had been put in a twin room so no more smelly people (except for Trace - hi trace if you're reading this). Grabed some bikes and headed down into the old town. Big, pretty buildings, a few churches, you know the story. At this point in time we were not as excited by these. Rode the bikes down along the palace lined river until we got to a huge flea market. Just next to this was Germany's version of a beach: a whole lot of sand dumped on the side of the river. They had even put up a volleyball net and some deck chairs. Naturally we had to sit down with a margarita. While Trace slept (with her mouth open - i have a pic) I battled with the journal. As you may have guessed I am terrible with this up to date thing. Right now I am in Spain not Dresden.

Now funny event. Just around the corner from the Hostel Trace forgot which side of the road europeans drive on and drifted into the path of an oncoming smart car. She got herself up on the pavement and just when it seemed like she had got her balance, in slow motion she toppled over backwards much to the amusement of myself and other pedestrians. Can I just emphasise - Trace fell off a STATIONARY bike. That girl should really stay away from 2 wheeled vehicles.

The next day we decided to loose some of the frites and ice cream and tackle a mountain. We went with some awkward guy from Adelaide out to Saxony- Switzerland (not in Switzerland). This place was absolutely beautiful. It was this big gorge with a river at the bottom. We climbed up the gorge which was quite a bit steeper than we had expected. Boy were we unfit. Luckily we had the other guy there or we would have probably just sat on our arses at the bottom. Had to keep up the apperance that we weren't about to cark it. I must say the view from the top was worth it. There was a medieval looking bridge up there and...hundreds and hundreds of german tourists. They had taken the bus up the hill. Good for them. While they had their cushy ride up the hill, we had the satisfaction of climbing the bugger...well we'll keep telling ourselves this anyway.

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photo by: aloneinthecrowd