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You know what one of these exciting activities involved? Here's a hint: washing powder, Harry Potter and 3 freakin hours of my life. Yep, it was washing day and yes, 2 weeks since we left home. Gross. A note for any future travellers: the more undies the better. I did not follow this.

Feeling clean for the first time in 2 weeks we decided to hit the town in the form or a bar crawl. We had our free warm beer at the start when people actually showed up. For a minute there we thought there was just gonna be us and some strange old indian guy. Went to 5 different bars with numerous shots in between so by the time we were at the last club we were sufficiently pissed. Trace nearly hooked up...WITH A CANBERRAN! Thankfully the guy was an incredibly shit dancer - think robot with its feet in concrete. Bad. But onto the um highlight of the night:

Staggering to the station at 3am, we were attempting to find our way home. Trace decided the best idea was to ask someone. Not a friendly, unthreatening old woman but a Russian guy unloading flowers from a back of a truck in an alley. Realising he didn't speak any english, she screamed across the tram tracks out to me (who happened to be reading map. Who's the brains?) I came over and actually had conversation with the guy and next minute he's offered us a lift to our hostel. Trace thinks this is a great idea and reasures me as she climbs into the cab that she will "take the bullet." Thanks Trace. So there we are, hitchhiking home at 3am with a russian german in a flower truck. Turned out I had the best german skills of my life in that truck. Just as he was asking us if we'd like to join him for a poker game the next day, we arrived at our little hostel. We jumped out, alive to my surprise, and headed to bed.

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photo by: CFD