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Today was definately a day of kodak moments. First it was off to the ferris wheel which was set up just outside the Lourve. After lining up and paying, tracey informed me as we were getting on that she was scared of ferris wheels. She then preceded to grip tightly to the seat with a look of terror on her face. There you go, another thing you or I didn't know about Trace. She eased her grip after the third cycle and was even able to take a picture. I on the otherhand was getting a bit snap-happy. I have so many pics of tiny little buildings and Trace looking petrified.

Next was a trip to Quasimodo's place. Not bad. We went in and sat in on a service. After getting kicked out we sat in a cafe and polished of a nutella crepe. This was exactly the energy food we needed for what was to come.

That evening we headed off to that big tower they have there in Paris. After looking like such an eyesore during the day, it was pretty impressive at night. I mentioned before that on the hour they set off all these fairy lights on it. One big chrissy tree really. We had to have a break from looking in awe at the tower (our necks were getting a bit sore too) and went off in search of a toilet. What we found was possibly the most disgusting toilets imaginable. Naturally they were porta loos but these ones attempted to clean themselves. Atempted being the operative word. After use the door would close and for about 2 minutes you would hear this gushing water from the box. You then entered it and found it soaking wet not to mention the horrendous wall of smell that hit you. But onto nicer nicer things. Off we set to climb. And climb we did. All 700 steps to the second floor. We were really getting quite good at this verticle movement thing. The view was pretty awesome. You could see everything from the River Seine to Sacre Coure far off on the hill. A nice ending to the night really.

The next morning was an early one. We were off to Barcelona. We got a cheap flight from Ryan air but the thing that you need to know when flying with these cheapo airlines is that the airports are so freakin far from your destination. It took us 10 hours to get from Paris to Barcelona with the flight only being 90min. It's like getting dropped off halfway to Sydney when you want to fly to the Berra. I'll just add too that the weather in Paris as we were leaving was terrible. It was pissing down and we only had a useless umbrella. By the time we actually got to the shuttle bus we looked like drowned rats. That bus ride was the coldest bus ride we've ever had. Bring on the sun in Spain!

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photo by: Sweetski