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Ok hold on, no need to get panicy. When I say near death experience, I mean death by embarrassment but more about that later. Today was planned to be a day of relaxation accompanied by a bit of a jaunt around the city. Amy, Lorna, Trace and I set out up one of the surrounding hills to view the castle this time with the help of a cable car. We'd done enough hills. Nice view.

Now onto the 'highlight' of the day. The thing to do on the Vlatava is go paddleboating. There are so many places around the bank. We found one which turned out to be only about $2.50 per person as opposed to the 7€ we spent in Amsterdam. Ah gotta love eastern europe. The four of us finally got a boat and each stepped daintily into it. As we were doing so, the guy holding the boat was muttering to himself in Czech but we thought nothing of it. Peddling away we see the owner charging down the jetty screaming at us. We had no idea what the hell was going on. We eventually worked out he was yelling at us to come back. We started to reverse paddle and to our horror we realised why he was yelling, the freakin boat was sinking! We were too heavy for it! This is what we call a blow to the self esteem. Lorna and I had to do the walk of shame down the jetty while Trace and Amy went off in their now boyant vessel. We can now guess what the guy was muttering. I wonder what the Czech word for heifer is???

Lorna and I had to do the walk of shame once again to swap over with the others but thankfully the tranquility of the ride made up for some of the mortification. Now the river looked nice from the bank but once you got near it, a whole different story. Really quite gross, dead rats, rubbish etc. Nevertheless, it was pretty cool and so much easier than the boat in Amsterdam!

That night we went out for a traditional Czech meal which consists of lots of stew, potatos and dumplings. Quite nice really and so so cheap. When we got back we went to the bar. Somehow trace got offered an A bomb. I knew it was the end right then. She headed out to a club around the corner while I played nanna and went to bed. She got home about 4 then I had the pleasure of getting her up at 7 to catch the bus. From what she can remember here's what the night involved: 30 Krone vodka shots (about 1€) x6, A bombs x 3, guy stolen from Amy x1, pash with a hot african american x 1, rescuing Amy from her slumber in the bathroom x1. There you have it. You now know as much as I do about the night.  

Just another thing that happened in Prague. On the last night we had to move rooms. We got to this new room and found the place an absolute pig sty. Shit everywhere. Looked like people had been sleeping in all the 8 beds. Trace went downto reception to see why there weren't any beds free and the guy told her there should have been 4. I, in the mean time met one of the guys who had been staying in the room and he informed me that there were only 4 of them and that they had only been there for 2 days. How the freak do you get a room that messy in 2 days??? Looked like they had played musical beds or something. We ended up moving next door. Boys. Gross.

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photo by: vulindlela