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I know you're thinking 'nothing much to do in Vienna? What's she on about?' Well for your information the entire city takes the whole of July and August off for the holidays. Here we were pumped to see the Vienna boys choir, the spanish riding school and some music but nothing. Pretty disappointing but it's a guaranteed that I'll be back. The city was, however, amazing. So pretty. Probably topped Prague I'd say. We were staying at a great hostel (Wombats - do it if you have the chance) at the end of one of the main shopping streets which lead straight into the old town. There were so many ornate buildings that some of them weren't even on the map.

After wandering around for a bit we decided that we couldn't just stay here for the 3 days so as you do, we took a train to Bratislava for lunch! For those of you who have not brushed up on your eastern european countries, Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and very close to Vienna. Only about an hour away. Now there's nothing that special about Bratislava except being able to tell people you went to Slovakia. I bought a postcard just to prove it. All the same, it's another country to mark off and it was pretty as well. We also went with quite an annoying girl from the bus and the whole time I was waiting for Trace to blow up and take her out. Unfortunately this did not happen and we all grinned and bore it.

The next day somehow Trace and I got ambushed by people in 18th century clothing and persuaded to go to a Mozart concert in the Golden Hall. When they say golden, they mean golden. These Viennese don't muck around when it comes to naming things. When you see the pictures you'll know what I mean. Yes I will get some pictures up soon. Now this concert was the most touristy concert I have even been too. Nausiatingly so. Trace and I had attempted to dress up a bit with the limiting clothing we had but some others were just in shorts and Tshirts. It's a concert people! This wasn't the half of it. The cheapo tickets we had bought turned out to be possible the shittiest seats ever. Could only see about 3 players. We were sitting next to this American girl and her mother who, wait for it, got a phone call, answered it, then preceded to hold out the phone for the person on the other end to hear. What the fuck? This was definately a concert for dummies. No breaks between movements so the stupid, uncultured audience wouldn't clap. Boy did the players look bored and unimpressed. I'm not surprised. One lady in the front row stood up to take a picture of the singer and the entire hall could see the bright orange light right in the singer's eyes before she took the photo. That's another thing, the freakin flash photography. Once again, it's a concert people. But now for the worst display of audience etiquette I have ever seen. Trace and I moved to better seats in the intermission. We sat in front of 2 old italian couples. Just when we got to the quiet bit of the music, they decided to open up some lollies. Naturally they were wrapped lollies and were not easily, or quietly opened. Nevertheless they persisted and persisted until they had about half the hall looking in disgust at them. They didn't seem to mind one bit. Just to top of their rudeness, they then preceded to hum to the music. Yes, they hummed all the way through The Blue Danube. Freak people, THIS IS A CONCERT!

Pheew, glad I got that off my chest.

flammick says:
Sounds like you did better than me when I went to Vienna. We got the standing area at Stat Oper and had to endure 3 odd hours of one of Wagner's more obscure works. All the way through there was an old guy in front of us unsuccessfully attempting to regale us all with his wisdom about all things opera.
Posted on: Aug 29, 2007
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photo by: hellenica