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Now drifting away from some of the funny events of our trip, we went to the concentration camp Sachsenhausen. We went on a tour out there which was a good thing because we got much more out of it. The camp was surprisingly close to outer suburban areas of berlin. It was really just tacked onto the back of some neighbouring properties but it was huge. It started out as a training camp but then turned into a concentration camp. It was a real eye opening experience and I won't go into it because it was really quite horrific. Wasn't feeling the best coming out of the tour and to top things off, as we were going down an escalator into the subway we saw an old man getting CPR. It was not doing much and he was an awful shade of purple. I don't think he made it. Really not a good end to the tour.

Onto brighter things, we went on a cocktail crawl around our hostel that night. Turned out we only mangaged 2 places and they were right next to eachother. We knew after the first one that it was going to be a big one. I swear one of them was just petrol. Ended up playing bull shit with some danish boys who Trace kept insisting came from Danishland (she swears in way the cocktails talking. I don't know what they teach in Warrnambool.) Had some strange vodka shots which came with a sachet of sherbert. Pretty damn good! Midnight came and so too did Trace's birthday which gained her a free tequila shot from the guy who owned the bar. Time came to call it a night so we staggered the 10m to our hostel with Trace still yabbering on about the nice boys from Danishland. 

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photo by: CFD