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So after surviving London and the masses of tourists clogging the streets, we headed over that little bit of water to Belgium. Didn't actually flight into the city (naturally) and had to catch a bus to what was the dodgiest part of Brussels. Trying to get directions to the centre was interesting because the bus driver only spoke french and we were obviously giving the impression that we did also. With the stench of piss we attempted to head in the direction of his flaling arms.

After getting slightly lost an old woman came to our aide and told us we weren't even on the map yet. She set us off in the right direction, which of course was up a hill, and off we walked. And walked, and walked. Shit that was a hike. We had been dropped in possibly the furthest part of town and were actually following the train line to our hostel. Now a note about the realities of travel: feet. Nobody tells you how much they freakin hurt. We were both hobbling our way up the main street of Brussels cursing about the blisters that were forming. I won the competition for largest one which seemed like it was about the size of tasmania. not fun.

After finally getting to the hostel about 2hrs later we headed out into the old part of town. Beautiful. Absoluteley picturesque. Cobbled streets with huge ornate buildings lining them. Such a great place. We wandered around and decided to have dinner at a cute little restaurant. It felt like we were living some cliche. Candlelight, dinner for two. Even a fiddle and an accordion. Pretty good feed there too!

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photo by: Vlindeke