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Across the border into the Czech Republic, Prague is an obvious standout when it comes to pretty cities. Cobbled streets, a Castle on the hill, ornate bridges spanning the Vltava river...but not where we were staying. Think Broadmeadows/Queanbeyan. The hostel though was awesome. It had a pool, sauna and a completely seperate building for the bar. Just to highlight how great it was, we had met some guys on the bus and they had been in Prague for 5 days. It was not until the last day they actually saw the city. They had spent the entire time at the hostel.

The first day we were there we went on possibly the worst tour in the whole of Europe. If you go to Prague DO NOT do Paul's walking tour. Paul is a twit and not even Czech. The tour went on for 6 hours and the drone of his voice still haunts us. The city turned out to be much more commercial than I had expected. Overrun with tourists. I mean overrun. You could not walk anywhere without being stepped on. The biggest display of Eurotrash I have even seen. You hear of europe being the fashion capital, more like faux par capital. It seems white pants are in when they really shouldn't. Very very few people can pull them off. Match that with a white top as well, some gucci sunnies, black bra and you have eurotrash. Once when we were out to lunch with a couple of girls Amy and Lorna (we travelled with them for about 2 weeks), we saw a 55+ lady wearing very high wasted pants coupled with a black crop top. This crop top was from YSL mind you. I don't know how this is a fashion item let alone something to be wore outside the gym.

That night us 4 girls decided to do something crazy and do an 'A' bomb (think jaeger but with absinth). We sat around a table and skulled the stuff and then....nothing. You got it, nothing. We sat around so expectedly but nothing happened. No green fairy, no halucinations, nothing. Bit of a let down really. Supposedly it takes many more than 1, no food in the stomach and maybe being wasted beforehand. Geez.

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photo by: vulindlela