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Berlin. Probably one of my favourite places. We were only going to stay 3 nights but ended up changing everything so we were there for 5. Found the cheapest hostel ever - 8Euros. Quite nice really. Interesting showers tho. Perfectly clean but they were open showers. Just 8 shower heads around the walls. Really was quite a liberating experience. Some really got into it like the spanish girls who would have their choir practices in there. Just a note, all european women are skinny. All of them. Must be the tourists who eat all that unhealthy shit. Wait. We did that.

The next morning we managed to miss the bike tour by about 2 minutes so headed off to the Fernsehturm (TV tower). Smiled sweetly at the lady behind the counter and got a cheaper tickets because the people in front of us were arseholes. Being nice does pay off some times! View was good but the audio tour was incredibly boring . There´s only so much `to your right we have another famous building that you can´t really make out coz its too far away´.

Caught the next bike tour which was amazing. The lady taking it was an actor and really got into the whole thing. We managed not to kill ourselves on the crazy german roads, i was more successful than Trace. She is a battler. She was always so far behind the group that the guide would just start without her. I must say going through intersections with no traffic lights or give way signs and also on the wrong side of the road, it was a miracle we both survived. Saw the Tiergarten, the Reichstag (shits on our parliament house), bits where Run Lola Run was filmed, the holocaust memorial which was amazing. the guide ended it all with a very dramatic recount of the fall of the wall. Sort of gave a nice ending to such a horiffic history.

When we got back home it turned out that we were staying in the equivalent to Lygon St (but without all those annoying people trying to sell you food.) Had a HUGE feed of mexican stuff then waddled home.

Just a note about some of the people in berlin - they're strange. Take the girl in our room. She had decided it was a fashion statement to shave off half of her hair and put the other half in a ponytail. One of the many characters we saw. I will always wonder if she shaved every morning or if she let it stubble for a bit...  

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photo by: CFD