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Wow our french was good. We could get a whole 5 words out. I could even say 'I am a fish'. Man, you want to be travelling with me and my language skills. Paris was truely lovely. I didn't have high expectations so it really was great. Every street a pretty one. We were staying in the very cool area of Montmarte but unfortunately the hostel was dodge. Very dodge. The shower was one of those annoying ones where you have to press the button to keep the water going. Something about watersaving...bah humbug. It was so small you couldn't bend down or you'd put your bum through the wall. The key system was also strange. Only one key for the room. The last person would leave it at reception. This meant that you would have to wake up the entire room to get back in or on the flip side be woken up to let someone else in. Not happy Jan.

Like we've done most cities, we did one of the free walking tours. Like all the others this one was pretty good. Got to see all that French stuff like Quasi Modo's house, the Lourve, Arc de Triumph etc. Very pretty. The guy whole took it was quite funny. Kept telling us lies about random things. I think he had done the tour a few times. There was this one incredibly annoying kiwi guy who believed them all. If there's such a thing as a bogan kiwi accent, he had it. He believed that this one piece of artwork which was a whole heap of black and white pillars was a Smart car training ground. Thick I tell you, thick.

After the tour we went off to the Lourve. Now we were expecting quite a lot from this but were actually quite disappointed. It was yet another show of abnoxious tourists in their absolute masses. There were so many rude and discourteous people. We went off to see the Winged Victory and that chick Mona. I have never seen a display like it. Hundreds of people pushing and shoving one another to get to the front and take a picture. They were even using their children to push through. Really makes you angry. Only saw the painting for a few seconds before being barged out of the way. Nobody actually cared about any of the other works. Granted there were thousands of works (it would take you 260 full days to see them all if you spent 1min at each). I actually found the building itself - a former palace of Louis XIV - more equisite than some of the artwork. So much detail had been put into the ceilings and nobody seemed to appreciate it. Oh and another thing, freakin flash photography, again. Boy do tourists piss me off. Glad I'm not one :)

That evening we went off to see the Sacre Coeur which was just around the corner from where we were staying. Very impressive at night. It's right on top of a hill so you can see the whole city. As we were watching the Eiffel Tower light up (it does this sparkly thing on the hour) this old french man started talking to us. He spoke no english and we no french but nevertheless we managed to have some sort of conversation. It was a bit strange but it got just that little bit stranger when he started asking us what we thought was for a threesome. Yikes. He kept saying 'un deux trois, one two three' and pointing to us then him and then away somewhere. No thanks! We pretended not to understand and quickly made some excuse to leave. This was not the end of the interesting night.

We walked down the hill from the cathedral giggling to ourselves and headed towards the Moulin Rouge. It's one of those kodak moments you just have to have. Bit of a let down really. Not that impressive but we have a pic anyway. Trace needed to call the bank at midnight so we were crossing over the road to the phone box. Two men were having a bit of an arguement next to us but we thought nothing of it. Next minute one guy pulls a knife on the other one. This is happening about a metre in front of us. We froze. All good though, they pulled themselves together and went their separate ways. We then reached the phone box where naturally in the box next to us there was a hooker wearing no pants. Don't you love Paris. Definately a city of characters.

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photo by: Sweetski