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Everytime I think of Munich it will only be about the vicious little bugs that went to town on our bodies there. Not very pleasent. However, before we get into this low point of our journey I'll fill you in on the better parts or at least non-itchy parts.

The first full day we were there Trace, Amy and Lorna went to Dachau Concentration Camp. I decided I wasn't going to go. One camp was enough for me and I knew this one was going to be much more confronting than the last. I instead caught the tram out to Schloss Nyphenburg (palace). This palace was huge. It must have spread over 5kms. I didn't end up going into any of the buildings. Was a bit expensive and most of it housed museums and the like. I went for a walk through the palace gardens which soon turned into a jaunt through the forrest. It's hard to believe a forrest and palace are just on the tram line. It was really beautiful but once again you'll have to believe me until I get of my arse and put up some pics. I then went off to Die Neue Pinakotek which was an art gallery of impressionist and 18th-19th century art. Thought I'd get some culture while I wasn't with Trace. She's not one for art galleries I've discovered. Thought I'd get really nerdy without Trace to laugh at me and get one of those audio guides. For free it was pretty good. Saw a lot of Van Gogh and Monet. It was really nice and also not packed so I could actually see the works which was a good change.

Now onto the itchy part. We woke up the first morning scratching a bit but thought we'd leave them and see what happens. The next day was so very much worse. While Trace itched away I was lucky enough to get them all over my face and then of course to have a reaction to the bites. They all turned into lovely blisters. Mmmm boy did I feel attractive. I carted myself off to the chemist and was met by only german speaking speaking staff and a whole lot of misunderstanding. I ended up bursting into tears and trying to explain the situation through sniffs of german and english. Nobody taught me the word for freakin itchy and gross. Just when I thought it was no use a nice man came in and started translating the blubbering Australian girl. Good bloke. Turned out it was off to the doctor for us.

Being a Saturday we thought nothing was going to be open and we'd have to wait about 6 hours to get seen. Not the case at all. We turned up at an out-patients and the receptionist was so appologetic when she said the wait was only going to be 30-45min. We almost hugged her. This was no Calvary Hospital. Here's to german health care! We were actually in quite good spirits at that moment. Not sure if we were delirious from lack of sleep and itching. We got seen by a doc pretty quick (may have been because we looked contagious) and after one look at the blisters her announced that he was an orthopaedic surgeon and the dermatologist wasn't in today. Excellent. At one point we had four doctors standing around us yabbering on in the fastest german I've ever heard. They interjected at one point to tell us that they were discussing whether the bugs were crawling or jumping. What the hell? After half an hour of feeling like an animal in a zoo they came to a conclusion - fleas. The doc then prescribed us, wait for it....calamine lotion and claratyne! We could have bought this ourselves! I think I even had some in the first aid kit. Well I suppose it was peace of mind and yet another experience to add to the blog.

Two weeks later I might add, my yucky bites have cleared up but Trace is still itching away (she is litterally itching at this moment). People don't avoid me in the streets anymore. It's quite nice not feeling like a Leper really.

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photo by: AleksandraEa