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Lima coastline
Howdy from Sunny Lima
(well actually Lima is covered by a sort of mist for 9 months of year so it´s unlikely I´ll see any sun while I´m here, but anyway...)
Got into Peru a couple of days ago after spending a bit of time in San Franciso. It was nice there though not particularly exotic, reminded me of Sydney for some reason. I was staying in a hotel on the border between Chinatown & Little Italy - didn´t see any mafia v triad gang wars, but did have a large number of restaurants to choose from, plus plenty of bars to visit (microbrews are big in SF it seems). Dunno how bright the locals are though, managed to win a trivia contest in one pub I went to.
Did most of the usual SF tourist stuff, eg cable cars, Fisherman´s Wharf, Alcatraz, Haight-Ashbury (thankfully the hippies are pretty few on the ground these days) etc.
Beach football, Lima style. Was tempted to head down and teach them a lesson, but had a bit of a twinge in my knee, the old war wound...
Overall it was pretty fun, though hordes of tourists about.
So far in Lima I´ve just been checking out the local neighbourhood. I´m staying with a family in a suburb called Miraflores, which is supposedly one of the nicer ones in Lima. Some parts of it are a little run down (suspect Peru may have been in an extended slump for a number of years) but it seems to be on the up at the moment, with construction going on everywhere. And there seem to be a bunch of posh shops about, and some of the supermarkets here make the usual Woolies or Coles in Australia look pretty second rate. Conveniently located though - it`s about two blocks from the archaeological site where I`ll be doing volunteer work (ie there´s a step pyramid slap bang in the middle of a normal city suburb).
People I´m staying with have been very friendly (a brother and sister around my age and their parents), particularly the father who`s very keen show me around and explain things, and who also seems to be able to speak Spanish that I can understand a reasonable amount of (whereas I´m struggling with everyone else). I´m guessing he´s speaking to me like I`m a 3 year old, which is about the standard of my Spanish.
Already had a bit of the local cuisine, can highly recommend Sebiche - it´s seafood soaked in lime juice, with chillis, onions & herbs (it´s not actually cooked, but the lime juice has the same effect). Not sure how much luck you`ll have finding it in Australia though. Also sampled some of the local nightlife - was a little disorientating hearing a band in Lima launch into a cover of Midnight Oil`s `Beds are Burning`, though thankfully the lead singer didn`t do the Peter Garrett dance moves.
I start working at the archaeological dig tomorrow, dunno yet whether I`m going to love it, or get bored real quick... Still, the good thing about doing volunteer work is they can´t fire you if you take the odd sicky.
hasta luego
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Lima coastline
Lima coastline
Beach football, Lima style. Was te…
Beach football, Lima style. Was t…
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