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delayed flight from düsseldorf to istanbul, killed time smoking lol.

Ok first the bad news - Arrgghh ok im sick for 3 weeks already. I dont have fever but i feel weak and sapped off energy. Only a week to go before i fly to nepal so i had to see my house doctor and he said i caught a seasonal virus, he gave me a 10 day sick leave - just rest and no medications. I am really scared that i could not make it, i dont want to cancel everything, because i feel that this would be the only chance i could see the himalayas. well, im certainly not getting any younger lol i want to go as long as my legs are still strong (never mind the heart though lol) coz its more physical and demanding trek than in the alps.

but, there i was standing at the check-in counter of turkish airlines counter at düsseldorf airport lol. the nightmare began when they told me that the flight to istanbul would be 2 hours delayed but i still would be able to make my transit to kathmandu with enough time - ok fine!

after an hour and half it was nice to them to give 10 euro vouchers to buy food - the problem was i already bought food before they gave it and i wasnt hungry anymore lol, the irony of everything lol.

the menu from düsseldorf to istanbul: stuffed eggplant with chicken, salmon with potato salad and cheese cake.

so anway, finally my flight went through and flying my way to istanbul. the plane was big with entertainment selections for a 4 hour flight, but the movies they show - i already seen them all lol.

then they have this sort of promotion sky chefs thingy, where the airline crew dress themselves as chefs and serve food. they have a menu card and i opted for the reggplant stuffed with chicken, that was really yummy. so all is forgiven and besides my transit would be cut to 3 hours instead of 5 from istanbul to kathmandu so im sort of happy.

landing in istanbul, i looked for the transit - my gosh it was so chaotic! so many flights and passengers for one small airport - there isnt even a space to think which direction im gonna go! lol well its the price to pay for the cheap flight tickets.

menu from istanbul to kathmandu: scrambled eggs and kasar cheese toast.
. so suffer lauro lol.

i looked for the boarding gates and my flight still wasnt there, time to smoke, so i asked for the smoking area and went there - my god! the smoking area looked like a sleazy alley with unscrupulous characters looking like making some bad dealings lol.

went down again and looked for the boarding gates - why am i not surprised that my flight was delayed for 5 hours?! haha lol. i was so tired coz i had to wake up early to catch my first flight and was delayed too. i went to the fastfood coz i got hungry and my gosh... it was so chaotic! it looked just like my room but with people coming and going! lol i tried to eat but with all the shenanigans around i lost my appetite. so i went back to smoke!

i needed to rest my back coz im carrying my backpack all over and its getting heavy on the shoulder, but there isnt a quiet place to sit every corner was used and voices of the people buzzed everywhere! so i sat in front of a store and i catched the attention of a black guy from ghana, he's been there in the airport for 2 days coz his flight was delayed or cancelled all the time, i feel pity for him! we talked alot and were so glad we did coz the time flew by so fast! so about an hour before my "scheduled" flight at 1:05 am hahaha i said goodbye to him and wished him well as i went to my boarding gate.

flying over the desert of central asia - im guessing this was afghanistan?

it took so long for us to board! my god.. passengers where already impatient! i sent an email to my trekking agency that my flight was delayed for 5 hours so my scheduled arrival in kathmandu would not be the original time. then finally! we were put in an old aircraft with no entertainment for 7 hours of flight and served only ONE meal the entire time!

the girl beside me on the window seat wants to sit with her friend on the other side, coz the plane wasnt that full enough, i was so happy because i will have the window seat! hoping that i would be able to see the himalayas from where i was sitting! then after the meal we were directly put to bed as they turned the lights off! hahahaha

lauro says:
too many delays! i guess from the route ist-ktm
Posted on: May 07, 2015
mountaingirl says:
I remember reading about your Turkish Airline nightmare when you first post it and avoided using this airline even though they have pretty attractive fares from SIN to Europe :)
Posted on: May 06, 2015
lauro says:
i did - but i was weak! thanks walter!
Posted on: Feb 06, 2015
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delayed flight from düsseldorf to…
delayed flight from düsseldorf t…
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flying over the desert of central…
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