Matt: Rickshaw Rampaging and the Body

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I would like to relate how rickshaw rampaging affects your body:

Head: Overall, tends to be thick first thing in the morning. Brain wiped out from concentration Ears deafened from driving with no exhaust two days ago. Throat looks like it's becoming infected – must gargle with whisky. Mouth permanently yellowed from the most recent consumption of curry. Only other substance that passes lips is ibuprofen. Facial hair growing, and growingly questionable.

Shoulders: stripy sunburn due to permanent wearing of wife beater top.

Knees: fairly bruised for passengers due to repeated slamming into the front seat whilst traversing bumpy sections (see also reference to the God Pothollio). There is also a hive of activity from, shall we say, somewhere in the region between the shoulders and the knees. Both Torbie and Benja in particular have been taking a lot of unexpected calls from the great white telephone. Torbie has even had to apply cooling aloe vera in unusual places.

Toes: Right foot is braking foot – seldom used. Left foot cut due to pool-side beer bottle fumbles (not my own, I hasten to add). Toenails house rare collection of Indian road-size debris.

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photo by: jayans