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One town's definitely an old classic, the other's fast becoming one of the newer ones. One is at the epicentre of Christianity, the other has a quirky Jewish flavour. One boasts of some of the top churches in the world, the other's got some fancy synagogues. That's the story of Rome and Prague. Two very diverse cities but yet hold the visitor with the same set of characteristics - beauty, history and abundance of photo ops!

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May 15th, 2014Rome, Italy
May 16th, 2014Rome, Italy
May 17th, 2014Rome, Italy
May 18th, 2014Rome, Italy
May 18th, 2014Tivoli, Italy
May 19th, 2014Vatican City, Italy
May 20th, 2014Assisi, Italy
May 21st, 2014Rome, Italy
May 21st, 2014Prague, Czech Republic
May 22nd, 2014Prague, Czech Republic
May 23rd, 2014Prague, Czech Republic
May 24th, 2014Prague, Czech Republic
May 25th, 2014Prague, Czech Republic