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Will do a chill. go down for breakfast, as usal i'm last & the familiar "lazy american" pharse is heard from our host. a cool guy, he owns the bar/hotel & has given us a key since we get back so late. Ceral & skim milk, not what i'm use to but while in ammy(Amsterdam) do as the ammys.

lunch is always a joint not too far from the hotel, a man from Beirut is the owner. the beef is totally super, eaten here everyday, lunch or dinner or both, food, drink & relaxing. decide to walk around & see some more of ammy. gotta remember to stay out the bike lanes, no joke u  will be runned over or get a comp nasty stare; u know stupid american stare. stop in a coffe shop. the bartender is gorgeous, brazilian. morcheeba is blaring as we order & relax. get some space cake & wolf it down when she comes back she is amazed & suggest i get back to the hotel soon, don't listen & stay an hour. finally leave and do some walking then BOOM  just gotta lay down & i do, ground, benches, grass, cars. tried to get a cab but the cabbie is like no way, he knew i was gone. screw tom hanks that was the green mile. finally back at the hotel, ammy stairs are steep but now it seemed like the damm matterhorn. near the top i was crawling made it the bed, collasped.....12 hours later i woke up from a groovy trip thru the stars & univverses.

next:lets see about sex.


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Hemp museum
Hemp museum
photo by: pearcetoyou