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Dubai airport

This is the story of how we went to New Zealand for a month. It was a proper adventure. Not the sanitized kind where you do active stuff and nothing bad happens. Bad stuff has happened, I am sorry to say. We’re not living in a movie after all. But we all made it out alive and had thrilling adventures.

It all started with a wedding. A friend of ours, which I have known since high school, got engaged to a kiwi girl. They announced the wedding a year in advance and we figured that we should be present at the wedding, to be there as his friends and to strengthen the Dutch delegation among the New Zealanders. Also, it was a marvellous excuse for a holiday in New Zealand.

We were out of luck the moment the trip started. We wanted to check in but then we got told that the flight was cancelled.

Looking at Dubai in the distance
Which was odd, because the screens still showed the flight as delayed. We went to the service desk, and, yes indeed it turned out that our flight was cancelled, because of vague technical reasons. It took an hour of waiting before people could help us, because all the first class passengers and members were assisted before us regular travellers. It seemed quite unfair at the time.

We got a new flight though, leaving only a few hours later. We would fly from Amsterdam to Dubai, then onwards to Sydney, and from Sydney to Auckland, NZ. It was one hell of a flight. Especially the Dubai-Sydney lap is terribly long.

I was impressed with Dubai airport. I didn’t know it was that big and spaceous. There was no time to enter the city, but we saw the towers from the windows.
An indoor waterfall at Dubai airport
I had tasty mint coffee at Cafe Nero. Then onwards to Auckland. The whole journey took about 24 hours. Usually, the first hour in a plane I read until I get tired, and then I watch a movie, and another movie, and after that my brain starts melting and my nose starts running. Slowly I degenerate to a sort of vegetative state, unable to sleep, unable to concentrate.

I have hardly any memories of Sydney airport, but at one point in time we arrived in New Zealand. It was afternoon, local time, and sunny. A sudden burst of energy woke me up and kept me alive till dinner time. It is what the English call “a second wind”. It is that state where you are awake and functioning, but the moment you close your eyes, you feel a tiredness that is bone-deep.

We had a quick stroll around Auckland and some dinner in a pub. I was lucky not to fall face forward into my burger.

WalterC says:
Oh I know about that second wind all too well. Somehow I get it on the day I arrive in Europe, after feeling like dropping down to sleep.
Posted on: Apr 22, 2014
missandrea81 says:
Good to know! haha
Posted on: Feb 17, 2014
halilee says:
Congrats on your featured blog!! :D
Posted on: Feb 16, 2014
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Dubai airport
Dubai airport
Looking at Dubai in the distance
Looking at Dubai in the distance
An indoor waterfall at Dubai airpo…
An indoor waterfall at Dubai airp…
Streets of Auckland
Streets of Auckland
The Auckland Skytower
The Auckland Skytower
photo by: vances