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It was a beautiful day. I woke up at 7:30, ate breakfast, and then decided to walk back to Hime-numa Pond but stopping first at the Gorilla Rock (it does look like a Gorilla). The rock is a fun place to visit and a trail that leads to the top of the rock. The view of the Rishiri-Fuji Town is great from there.


The walk to Hime-numa Pond was nice and I was able to take my time (it took me about an hour to walk to the pond from town). There was no view of the mountain because of the low clouds. There is a trail that leads around the pond and I didn’t walk around it yesterday so I did that today. It took me twenty minutes to walk around the pond because I kept stopping to take pictures.


On the walk back to town, the weather cleared up and the view of Rishiri-zan (the mountain) was breathtaking. For lunch, I stopped at ramen restaurant and had some delicious ramen. I wanted to try the uni (sea urchin) but it cost 3,000 yen ($30) and I am not a fan of sea food (I was just going to try it to say that I eat some) so I was unwilling to pay that price.


My legs were a bit sore from hiking yesterday so I decided to soak them at the Rishiri-Fuji Onsen.

At the onsen, I ran into Martin and Toshi who had just gotten back from climbing the mountain. The pictures they took looked amazing. Now if you ever visit a Japanese onsen there is a procedure to follow:


1)      Bring your bath stuff with you if you are picky about your soap and shampoo. The onsen provide shampoo and body wash but a lot of people will bring their own.

2)      Bring a bath towel and small towel (kitchen towel sized). The bath towel is used to dry off before you get dressed and the small towel is used to cover up as you move from one back to another.

3)      Once you are at the onsen you will pay and from there you enter the correct room.

For guys look for this kanji  and for women look for this kanji .

4)      Once you have entered the correct bath, strip and grab your small towel and bath stuff (if you brought it).

5)      From the changing room you will enter the onsen (hot spring). First, you need to shower. Wash your hair and your body.

6)      After you have washed then you can enter the onsen.

Some onsen have different baths so you can move from one bath to another. Take your time and enjoy

7)      Once you are done in the onsen, shower again, and then head back to the changing room, dry off, and get dressed. Then you are done.


 After I finished my onsen, I headed back to the hostel to pack. Martin was just heading out the door as I came in. He told me that he rented a bike for the rest of the day and asked me if I wanted to join him for a bike ride. I said sure and rented a bike for two hours.


The bike ride was so much fun. We were only out for two hours but we saw so much of the island and the view from the bike trail was great. As the sun started to set we made our way back to the hostel but we first stopped at an outlook to watch the sun set behind Rebun Island. It was a great way to end our day.

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photo by: tj1777