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I woke up at 5:15 and double checked to make sure that I had everything I needed packed in my backpack and duffle bag. Matt (my boss) picked me up from my apartment at 6:20. I had told him he needed to take me to Tsukuba Center so I could catch a bus for the Haneda Airport but for some reason he thought he had to take me to the Arakawaoki Station. He ended up speeding to Tsukuba Center and I just managed to catch my bus for the airport.


The bus ride was pretty uneventful…I slept through all of it. The area where I live has to airports Narita/Tokyo Airport for international flights and the Haneda/Tokyo Airport, mostly for the domestic flights. Travelers can reach both airports in numerous ways but the best two ways are via train or bus. Trains tend to be cheaper but carrying all of the luggage is a hassle.

The buses are convent and are cheaper than taking a taxi.


Haneda Airport is smaller than the Narita Airport but the set up is wonderful. It was easy to figure out where I needed to go and the airport employees were very helpful and spoke enough English to help me when I needed it. I slept through all of the flight but before I fell asleep I noticed that the plane had a camera attached to it. People who didn’t have a window seat were still able to see what we were flying over by looking at the giant TV screen at the front of the plane. The TV screen showed the view from landscape under the plane.


Once I arrived in Hakodate.

I took a bus from the airport to the station for around 430 yen. At the station, I stopped at the information counter and picked up an English map of the city. I then took a taxi to the Hakodate Youth Guesthouse where I was supposed to be staying. I walked in, gave my name/the dates I was supposed to be staying, and discovered they lost my reservation! I called Ayako in a bit of a panic (she was the one who made my reservations) and she told the receptionist that I should have had a reservation. The receptionist explained that the Guesthouse was full but that she new a place where I could stay for around the same price.


Nagashima Guesthouse is two blocks from the Hakodate Youth Guesthouse and I thought that my room was simple and charming. The room had two twin beds, a little hot water machine for tea, a television, and it was located right next to the bathroom. The guesthouse had two bathrooms; one upstairs with a toilet and sink and the second one was downstairs where the shower and bathtub were located.

The inn severed two meals a day and cost 4,200 yen a night.


Hakodate is port city on the southern tip of Hokkaido. The city is famous for its night view from the top of the local mountain and for the colonial influence that came when the port opened in 1854 to foreigners.


The city is unlike that of any other city in Japan. The colonial influence can be seen in the Motomachi Districts where churches and Victorian style buildings draw huge crowds. The warehouse district along the Hakodate Harbor is a relaxing place for a walk. Travlers can also learn about Hakodate’s history by visiting the Goryo-Kaku area.


It is easy to travel around the city. Trams run all around the city and stop at most of the major tourist destinations and taxi are also a convent (but a more expensive way) to travel around the city.


I spent my time walking around the waterfront and enjoying the view. I was very impressed with what I saw; two harbors and a string of small mountains surround the city. It is quiet beautiful. I stopped for dinner in the warehouse district and then headed back to Nagashima to turn in for the night.

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