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Wow, it is only 6:15pm and I am ready for bed! I need to get into shape if I want to do any serious hiking…I am going to be sore tomorrow.


Toshi, Martin, and I did a four to five hour hike today. It is possible to walk to the start of the hiking trail from town but it takes an extra hour to an hour and half. We rode the bus to the nearest stop and then walked for ten minutes before reaching the pond. We started at Hime-numa Pond and ended at the Rishiri-Fuji Onsen. Hime-numa Pond is a great place to view the mountain (Rishiri-zan). In perfect conditions, the mirror image of Rishiri-zan is reflected in the pond. Conditions were not perfect today but the view of the mountain was still amazing.


We hiked from Hime-numa pond, to Pon-yama, and then to Hokoroku Camping ground. From there we walked to the Rishiri-Fuji Onsen. The hike was beautiful and the trail was easy to follow. I am glad that I was hiking with Martin and Toshi because I have only been hiking three or four times and I am still unsure of my footing. The hike was beautiful and we stopped often to take pictures. We hit the halfway point and the next part was not easy. We had to go down a steep hill, walk over some loose, slippery boulders, and climb up some steep stairs. After hour three my legs didn’t feel like they were attached to my body, they went a bit limp and a started to get a little shaky but I stuck with it. The last thirty minutes of the hike were easy. Once we got out of the forest we walked through some green fields and saw a great view of the mountain.


The hike reminded me of Nikko until I saw the mountain.

Green, stunning, beautiful, and breathtaking do not begin to describe how picturesque the mountain is. Rishiri-zan is 5,646 feet high (1,721 meters). The mountain is one of Japan’s 100 famous mountains and it was easy to see why. The day was cloudy so we were unable to see the peak of the mountain but the view we had was still amazing.


Our final stop on the hike was Rishiri-Fuji Onsen. The onsen (hot springs) was not fancy. There were four baths; one hot bath, a medium temperature bath, and a bubble jet bath, the best bath was the outdoor onsen and from that you could see the mountain.


After stopping at the convenience store for dinner, I went back to the hostel to check the ferry times to Rebun. Rebun is an island that is a forty-minute ferry ride from Rishiri and it is famous for wild flowers and hiking trails. I was shocked to discover that the first ferry to Rebun left at 10:05 and the final ferry left for Rishiri at 1:45. That did not give me enough time to do anything. Now, I have to figure out what I am going to do tomorrow. My options include, biking around the island, going for another hike, walking around for a while, or exploring the small town.

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photo by: tj1777